A Mimi Yoga Class Wearing Lerin Athletic Apparel Makes For A Solid Duo

There is a ton of criteria that goes into finding your perfect activewear set. Though we all have our preferences on sizing, material, you name it, we still wouldn't be that surprised if our fellow active girlies enjoyed similar types of athletic wear.

Even with our busy schedules in mind, we just like everything else we find to be important, had to fit finding our go-to athleisure brand into the schedule. And we are excited to say that we have succeeded.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lerin

Introducing the one-and-only, Lerin a functional and fashionable athletic apparel brand that checks off all of our boxes. Stylish? Check. Supportive? Check. Comfortable? Check. Lerin has a full-blown collection of all of the hottest items. Mesh inserts, strappy sports bras, t-shirts, leggings, you name it and Lerin has it.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mimi Yoga Studio

To put our fits to the test, we threw on our fire red sets from The Bloodstone Collection and joined our Miami fitness girlies on Valentine's Day at Mimi Yoga Studio by Mimi Ghandour. With love in the air, we set our intentions high and filled our hearts with a 45-minute flow surrounded by other Lerin wearers.

As we found our zen and flowed to the direction of Ghandour, we were excited to find that our Lerin sets didn't just hold up in all the right places but also absorbed our sweat, moved comfortably on our bodies, and stayed looking cute. From that moment on, we knew that Lerin stole our hearts and filled our carts forever. Be right back as we go shopping for more. (P.S. don't say we didn't warn you!)