Meet Miami’s Newest R&R Destination, Introducing The Leaf Spa At Hotel AKA Brickell

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Hotel AKA Brickell

Hotel AKA Brickell just got a little more serene. If you’re looking for a little bit of rest and relaxation in the midst of the Miami hustle, look no further than the hotel’s newest addition, The Leaf Spa. A tranquil and sophisticated retreat, the spa offers guests an idyllic escape. Serving as the first spa for the AKA brand, guests are invited to experience two luxurious holiday treatments – Champagne Kisses and Chocolate Dreams, a 70-minute massage performed with chocolate-infused coconut oil as a skin enhancer with a heavenly aroma. The massage is followed by a mindfulness meditation led by professionals to set your intentions for the year ahead.

The Leaf Spa mantra focuses on how our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies are deeply intertwined with the seasonality of our planet and the many moments of transformation available throughout our lives. Typically we’re presented with an opportunity to shed the old “leaves” and blossom anew and take one step closer to our true selves. The Leaf Spa lives to embody the seasonality of life. Incorporating elements of nature in their treatments, they strive to remind their guests that universally we all are one and come from the same place. Their intention is to bring guests back to the source from which they came, so that they can embrace the changes that may be presented in their life and align with the strength that each season presents. 

Representing the theme of nature and life’s seasons from start to finish, when entering the spa, guests will first walk into the House of Knowledge, the spa’s gallery wall of plants, herbs, and leaves from around the world showcasing their natural healing benefits. Sage burns as a sacred ceremony and facial cleanses you from the inside out and clears out those bad vibes. Before participating in the Vanilla Ice Chill, guests will be brought to the Relaxation Room to experience a feet soak, a purifying ritual that allows us to become spiritually grounded and remove what no longer serves us. The Vanilla Ice Chill treatment begins with a full body brushing, and the application of a warm vanilla bean scrub followed by the gentle application of ice compresses to address inflammation and problem areas. Guests will end their excursion at the Wish Tree, symbolic and representing hope, the tree in the spa allows guests to remember everything starts with a dream and that anything is possible. 

Shed your leaves and begin the New Year with a fresh and healthy mindset. You can now visit The Leaf Spa at Hotel AKA Brickell at 1395 Brickell Avenue Miami, FL 33131, open daily.