Infuse Life With Relaxation — The Spa At Baia Beach Club Launches New CBD Spa Menu

Photo Credit: The Spa at Baia Beach Club

Enjoy a day of pure relaxation while aligning the mind, body, and spirit at The Spa at Baia Beach Club. Located on the water in the heart of South Beach, the Mondrian exclusive is nestled within the privacy of the hotel, sharing a secluded break from the busy Miami lifestyle. Based on the belief that looking and feeling your best comes with complete alignment, The Spa is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new spa menu filled with a truly unique variety of treatments.

Along with a vast array of facial treatments and body therapies, The Spa at Baia Beach Club now offers its newest modern approach to holistic treatment. What makes these treatments so unique is their use of ultra-healing CBD. The Spa implements calming oils from the specialized CBD brand OTO, making The Spa at Baia Beach the very first spa in the U.S. to include these luxury CBD products in the treatment menu.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of OTO

Known for its astonishing healing powers, CBD can help cure a number of concerns within almost any aspect of life. Whether it is anxiety, pain management, sleeping troubles, or something completely different, CBD is a natural and safe solution approved by the World Health Organization. The Spa at Baia Beach Club uses rehabilitative OTO oils to create experiences with numerous purposes, such as Re-Energizing Massage, Deep Relaxation Massage, and Rejuvenating Massage.

To replenish and awaken the mind, body, and spirit, the Re-Energizing Massage is the perfect solution for implementing an alleviating, citrus-infused CBD oil. The oil is massaged into the skin and absorbed into the body to ease muscle tension and relieve tired muscles. The Spa’s Deep Relaxation Massage, hence the name, immerses the body into a deep sense of peace along the sensory aromatherapy journey with the use of OTO CBD oil infused with Jasmine, Helichrysum, Roman Chamomile, and Himalayan Sea Salt Stone. Finally, in order to calm and refocus a preoccupied mind, the Rejuvenating Massage ranges from head to toe using anti-inflammatory CBD infused with Ginger, Black Pepper and Frankincense.

Photo Credit: The Spa at Baia Beach Club

After returning from their scheduled treatment, from 8 AM-10 PM, guests can enjoy access to 4,100 square feet of relaxation space. A number of amenities await, including steam and sauna rooms, mindful meditation sessions, moonlight yoga classes, a hair and nail salon, access to the hotel’s pool club, and more.