In 2023, Skin Memberships Are The New Gym Memberships

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These days, you can get just about anything by subscription. While buying your watches and athletic wear on subscription may be more recent, things like the “jelly-of-the-month club” have been using a subscription-based model for decades. And, of course, everyone is familiar with gym memberships. So, why should keeping your skin healthy and fit be any different? It’s time to make a monthly commitment to healthier skin.

Skin Science Soul's Subscription Service

Since 2020, Skin Science Soul has operated on a subscription membership similar to other subscription service models, like ClassPass, for instance, where your discounted membership fee gets you rewarded access to treatments at a nice price reduction from what purchasing à la carte would.  For example, whereas a typical medical-grade facial could easily ring you up a hundred dollars or more, enrolling in a facial membership program with Skin Science Soul means you'll be getting professional medical-grade facials at a fraction of the cost. The goal is to provide ease and accessibility, to break down barriers, and to provide skincare products and treatments to everyone that is as approachable as it is budgetable. 

Skin Science Soul then takes it a step further and offers a more tailored approach to skincare products and treatments than most, with a detailed and comprehensive skin analysis — the SkinRx Biometric Dermatologic Analysis — at the start of each membership. From the information gleaned, a custom-curated treatment plan and product regimen is individually created for each patient. 

The Benefits Beyond The Price

How many of you have stood in front of the beauty counter and felt a bit overwhelmed at the choices of skincare products you find there? Or, you’ve chosen a product, but you just aren’t seeing the results you want to see? In all likelihood, what you’ve chosen isn’t what you actually need. When you study why people choose products, they normally do so based on marketing and packaging, and oftentimes also by its fragrance, but those are all the wrong reasons to choose a product. Those things mean nothing when it comes to the health of your own, individual skin. Defeated, one often finds themselves in a spa asking for help with their skin, but they are given something off the shelf solely based on a “skin type.” Still, this doesn’t address the real need of the patient, and too often, these products are not able to deliver results, even if they are “professional-grade.” The beauty of what Skin Science Soul does is what we call “skintelligence” —knowing and understanding that every person’s skin is unique. This is of utmost importance when we treat it.

Unlike traditional product regimens, they recognize there is more to your skin than just “oily,” “dry,” or “combination.” Genetics, lifestyle, and life stage impact your skin’s biochemistry — all going on in complex processes behind what you actually see in the mirror on the surface. So, Skin Science Soul take a deep dive into the unique physiology of your skin and gives their membership patients truly intelligent skincare with a long-term plan as the guide.

Just like any other area where you want to see results, just like working out at the gym, you have to do it regularly. So the subscription membership model promotes — and rewards — consistency. And, it’s not just facials and product regimens that Skin Science Soul does on a subscription basis. In addition to high-tech facials, they also offer a monthly subscription for injectables like toxins and fillers, body contouring treatments like Emsculpt, laser hair removal, and packages of treatments that bundle everything they need into one neat, and highly-discounted price. 

When you apply customization and consistency as philosophies in self-care, it's easy to understand why the gym membership model is trending in the beauty space and why Skin Science Soul has been so successful with it. 

If you are interested in Skin Science Soul's membership, book an appointment today to begin your customized 12-month treatment plan that's designed to treat your skincare concerns and needs.