Live The Lushest Lash Life With Latisse Eyelash Restoration

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If you know women, we’ll do almost anything for long, luscious lashes. Whether it’s trying a different mascara each week, questionable serums, unhealthy extensions, or even lash lifts, these attempts can be time-consuming and harmful to natural lash growth. When it comes to alternatives, nothing creates a lasting perfection quite like Latisse for eyelash restoration, offered at Haute Beauty expert Dr. Earl Stephenson's Prima Center for Plastic Surgery.

For those who don’t know, Latisse is a prescribed lash treatment used to restore the eyelashes, making them stronger, thicker, longer, and darker within just four weeks of starting the treatment. Dr. Stephenson recommends Latisse to patients who have trouble growing long, luscious lashes but are also looking for a healthy, harmless alternative to restore lashes.

Does it Work?

Women focus attention on their lashes because they want growth, length, strength, and volume. Latisse is derived from prostaglandin, a medicine that helps with hair growth which is why, when concentrated on the eyelashes, promotes each individual lash to be thicker and longer. The prescribed treatment, also known as bimatoprost, also promotes multiplying the number of hair follicles and hairs in general, creating a more voluminous look overall.

How it Works

Latisse is made simple and is available to candidates upon prescription, ready with step-by-step instructions. Starting off with a clean face, makeup, and contact lens free, Latisse is applied along the upper lash line and, through blinking, will spread through the lower lash line. The serum is applied with a single-use applicator, allowing the lids to fully absorb the medication. This technique ensures the results are spread evenly and thoroughly. The product is meant to be used daily for up to 16 weeks for optimal results.

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