Dr. Barbara Sturm And Tracy Anderson Have Teamed Up To Create The Ultimate Post-Workout Glow Kit

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Barbara Sturm

Introducing the duo we didn’t know we needed. Dr. Barabara Sturm, an expert in everything skincare has collaborated with an unlikely partner for her latest collection. Sturm has tapped fitness industry leader, Tracy Anderson to collaborate with her on her new Post-Workout Skincare Kit. Together, Dr. Barbara and Tracy have created an exclusive selection of products curated by both experts, set out to refresh, clean, and hydrate skin after exercise. The kit focuses on dislodging debris, sweat, and oil from pores, replenishing water loss, and rebalancing the skin’s pH - which is essential for healthy skin barrier function. 

Skincare and exercise go hand in hand, so when creating her next line of products, Tracy Anderson was the ultimate person to join forces with. Anderson is the creator of the revolutionary Tracy Anderson Method, a research-based and results-proven fitness methodology for creating total balance in the body. As a renowned German aesthetics doctor, whose Molecular Cosmetics Collection is based on innovations in ingredient science, Dr. Sturm shares Anderson’s commitment to producing real results with advanced science - rather than marketing promises - and a passion for movement and living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle for optimal health. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Barbara Sturm

When we work out, our heart rates and blood circulation increases, helping deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which keeps it healthy and promotes collagen production and the regeneration of skin cells. However, as our body temperature increases, overheating and sweating can cause bacteria build-up and irritation, leading to breakouts and even acne. The Dr. Barbara Sturm x Tracy Anderson Post-Workout Skincare Kit is a comprehensive 6-step routine that provides deep cleansing, essential hydration, and much-needed skin cooling post-workout, to ensure the skin is clean, fresh, and healthy. The kit includes a cleanser, hyaluronic serum, face cream, hyaluronic face mist, anti-aging body cream, and glow drops. 

“I’ve always loved sports - I studied Sports Medicine and worked in the field of anti-inflammatory molecular orthopedics helping athletes heal their injuries. Tracy and I share a mutual love for both working out and skincare and for us it was clear - we love to exercise and still want to have glowing skin. This combination of products deeply cleanses skin and replenishes vital hydration to give you everything you need for a healthy and beautiful complexion after a sweaty workout,” says Dr. Sturm. 

The Dr. Barbara Sturm x Tracy Anderson Post-Workout Skincare Kit is available now on www.drsturm.com