Sarah Jessica Parker Lets Us In On Her Skincare Routine

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Sarah Jessica Parker is an icon living among us. A fashion muse for so many years, the actress has never been shy about embracing the skin she’s in. Recently, she hit back at those calling her brave for having gray hair and stepping out bare-face. She told Allure “Please, please applaud someone else’s courage on something!” Parker has always been one to advocate for women feeling beautiful in their skin everywhere, no matter what age. “I don’t think there's a wrong way to have a relationship with aging, living, time spent on earth.” 

The And Just Like That… starlett recently has teamed up with RoC Skincare for their latest campaign endorsing the message of changing the narrative around the anxiety of aging and living life with optimism. Parker tells Glamour, that she has felt overwhelmed by the amount of products that are out there and only sticks to a few that she trusts and loves. “I’m pretty monogamous, and I have kind of been that way for most of my life, so I’m not a big dabbler. I’m not hugely brave and experiment and try things.” In this recent interview, she lets fans in on her must-have products from her everyday skincare routine. 

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Her first product in her simple yet effective routine is her RoC Skincare Moisturizer, “I use this one every singly day. I pack it all the time. I’ll use it when I go to the theater and I’ll mix my base in it.” When it comes to tools, SJP is just us like us with her jade roller always on hand, “For years and years and years, I’ve had those jade rollers – there’s a big guy and there’s a small guy; they’re in my fridge. For my daughters’ birthdays, I bought them each their own because they’re always using mine. So there’s like three or four of them in the freezer. I come down in the morning for coffee and it just feels so good. Does it do anything? I don’t care."

“I have a dermatologist that’s really talented and I trust her, but it’s very inconsistent because I’m working. Now I’ll get a peel and I love it, but if you ask me what the peel was, I have no idea. I’m not regular or committed – I kind of wish I was. Maybe one day in the future, I’ll have a standing date, but I don’t get facials. In the old days, I used to go to Mario Badescu, which I loved, for a good old-fashioned facial,” the actress shares. With this, she drops her splurge-worthy, salon-like products. First is her RoC Serum, “At night I use one of these packets, especially around my eyes. There's this 24-hour hydration that I absolutely love.” And lastly, her “holy grail product.” “The Laura Mercier Caviar eye stick, always. In Khaki Jungle, Tuxedo…good luck finding them, but I love them.”