Harry Styles Not So Typical Rockstar Ritual Starts With An Ice Bath

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Oh, to live the life of a rockstar. Back in the day, post-show rituals consisted of staying out late and partying the night away. In 2022, the likes of these rituals are shifting to a more laid-back and *chill* routine à la Harry Styles. 


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As many of us may probably know, Styles has been spending these days in a new city traveling the world for his Love On Tour dates. The singer has been giving fans a glimpse into his tour life via Instagram. Recently, our very own modern-day Mick Jagger, let us in on what a night of his looks like post-concert and it’s everything wellness-infused. The ‘As It Was’ singer posted a photo of himself fully engulfed in an almost overflowing tub of ice water.  With fists clenched, Styles looks like he’s enduring all the sensations that an ice bath has in store as he embraces his post-show recovery routine.

Submerging yourself in an ice bath has been proven to have multiple health benefits, both mentally and physically. Styles’ ice bath routine has been known to reduce inflammation while simultaneously boosting the body’s metabolism all while providing immense mental clarity. After some research, scientists have also found that stress levels plummet after being in chilling waters below fifteen degrees celsius. 

Harry Styles isn’t the first to reap these benefits. So many athletes have installed ice baths as part of their recovery process. But also celebrities everywhere have raved about the effects these baths have on their well-being from the likes of Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Hemsworth, and Miranda Kerr.  

While Styles continues to take the world by storm, I’ll be religiously keeping up on Instagram, and maybe I’ll even try my hand at his coveted ice bath ritual.