Sapelo Skin Care Invests In A Lifetime Of Beautiful, Healthy Skin With The Infusion Of Natural Elements

*Wakes up, immediately does skin care routine* is usually how so many of us religiously start our day. Skin care has become one of the most crucial parts of our day-to-day routine. What so many of us don’t know is that many of the anti-aging products we swear by are possibly having the opposite effect. Sapelo Skin Care, a Southern-inspired wellness brand, has created modern, science-based, all-natural products that truly replenish the body through a natural restoration process.

Photo Credit: Sapelo Skin Care

The Science

Since our obsession with skincare has stepped on the scene, we’ve been told that retinols and hydroxyl acids are “the gold standard for anti-aging, when in reality, they’re accelerating aging. These acids, along with lasers, dermabrasions and acid peels all work by injuring the skin to create inflammation causing cellular injury. This inflammation, in turn, creates swelling, which makes the wrinkles on our face disappear, but only temporarily. Daily use of these is, in fact, exhausting the cell's capacity to repair itself. 

Cindy Edwards and Stephanie Duttenhaver, founders of Sapelo, combat the typical belief that these caustic skincare acids are the ultimate standard for skin regeneration. Edwards says, “Sapelo challenges the status quo that says you must burn off that top layer to create a youthful appearance and encourage new skin cells. With Sapelo Skin Care, you are investing in a lifetime of beautiful, healthy skin that focuses on long-term, not short-term, results. 

Photo Credit: Sapelo Skin Care

The Process

After working with a team of Savannah-based, board-certified physicians and cosmetic scientists, Edwards and Duttenhaver utilized cutting edge technology to create a three-step skin recovery system that faithfully mimics the body’s natural immune system response, gently infusing healing peptides and micro-nutrients without actually damaging the skin. Sapelo offers a line of luxurious and unique products that mimic the body’s natural healing response, but unlike other “anti-aging” products, it’s done without the injury. By using these natural products twice daily, this process will initiate a healthy cell production resulting in that plump, youthful and radiant skin that we’re all forever chasing.

According to Duttenhaver, “The system is simple, easy to use and loaded with every building block needed to create beautiful skin WITHOUT injury to your complexion. Sapelo Skin Care combines the best ingredients on the market and uses the highest concentration of those ingredients.  All products are formulated without any fillers and with absolutely no dimethicones or plastics." 

Photo Credit: Sapelo Skin Care

The Product

Not only is their process one of the healthiest around, it infuses natural elements from Georgia for an all-encompassing, transparent product. Inspired by the twice-daily tides from Georgia’s barrier islands, the Savannah-based brand provides morning and evening focused nourishment and hydration. Their intricate formula is created with a botanical profusion of Southern-inspired ingredients such as gardenia stem cells, magnolia oil, oyster shell calcium, seaweed, sea lavender oil and Georgia honey. 

"Give your complexion a break from harsh chemicals, acids and abrasive procedures. Discover a new pathway to beautiful, healthy skin, inspired by our Southern heritage of taking gentle care of the things that we treasure,” says Duttenhaver.