Why Creating Micro-Routines Is Key To Reaching Your Maximum Wellness Potential

Dr. Deepa Verma is double board-certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine. She graduated magna cum laude from The College of NJ and is a graduate of Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey (formerly known as Robert Wood Johnson Medical School). Dr. Verma completed her family medicine residency at Somerset Medical Center and was elected chief resident. She founded Synergistiq Integrative Health, her private practice, in 2013, during a very challenging time in her life. 

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When Haute Beauty expert Dr. Deepa Verma counsels her patients on overall wellness, she always emphasizes the four pillars of a healthy lifestyle: clean diet, restorative sleep, exercise, and stress reduction. To benefit our overall health and wellness, we must take these four pillars and make them habits. To do so, discipline, which is something that we do not have to think about doing because it has become engrained in the fiber of our being, is needed. Here Dr. Verma shares how she makes wellness optimization attainable both for herself and for her patients.

Wellness is a way of living. It is not a New Year’s resolution. It is not a chore. It is not something to be dreaded. Wellness of the mind-body-spirit is the key to longevity and happiness. When you can live your day-to-day life in a manner that keeps you grounded mentally and physically, you create a healthier and happier version of your existence.

To reach your maximum wellness potential, I tell my patients to create healthy routines throughout the day. You do not need to dedicate a whole hour or two to it. Instead, split it up into micro-routines. If we try to dedicate a large block of time every day in our busy lives, we most likely will never get it done because we find excuses such as having no time, being tired, etc.

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Follow these 4 R’s for wellness micro-routines and these will help create balance and synergy in your life.

  • REFRESH (in the morning)
  • REVIVE (midday)
  • RESET (in the late afternoon)
  • REST (in the evening)

When you shift your mentality from tasks that seem daunting to ones that are more attainable and feasible, your mindset will change. Personally, I REFRESH by letting my body naturally wake up (never have used an alarm) and allowing the sunlight to get me up. I meditate, chant mantras, and drink warm lemon warm, fresh juice, and a plant-based smoothie. I REVIVE midday by jotting down daily goals and eating a healthy snack in between my busy schedule of seeing patients.

I RESET in the late afternoon by mentally winding down at work and planning my next day. I am an independent mom to three boys, a busy physician, and a businesswoman who runs two full-time offices. Taking time for myself is crucial for my well-being. I REST in the evening by exercising, showering, eating a light dinner, and anticipating seven hours of sleep. My micro-routines keep me on my toes by allowing me to have awareness of the type of life I live and want to lead by example. I make time for things that matter to me such as travel, music, reading, and dancing. You don’t have to be better than everybody else, you just have to be better than you have ever been. Be healthy. Be happy. Be awesome.