How An Expert Keeps Her Glow Intact All Summer Long

Dr. Bertha Baum is a recognized board-certified dermatologist, considered a skin treatment expert who provides her patients with the most current and advanced care for all conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails. Throughout her career, Dr. Baum has built a reputation as a top cosmetic dermatologist by providing leading-edge treatments, dedicated and personalized patient care, and excellent aesthetic results.

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Whether you are road tripping the South of France or sitting beachside on the New Jersey shore, the summertime sun is no joke, regardless of your whereabouts. With this in mind, Haute Beauty decided to sit down with one of the experts, Dr. Bertha Baum. As a resident of the sunniest state of them all, Florida, Dr. Baum gives us her insight on sun protection and how she keeps her glow from going, nowhere.

Does SPF makeup make the cut?

SPF makeup is a plus but it is usually not enough because it has lower SPF than recommended or you won’t use the same amount that is usually recommended. I always recommend applying sunscreen before your makeup. SPF will be your BFF all year long but definitely during summer. There are some ground rules, for example, reapplication is key and should be done every 1-2 hours, also seeking shade and being aware of the peak hours of the sun will make a difference. Correct application is also important. For the face, quarter size, and the body a 2-ounce glass would be ideal.

How important is it to keep your lips sunblocked?

Although we might put it past us, you must not forget to keep your lips protected from the sun with... drum roll please, sunblock. Just just like the rest of your face, your lips are exposed to UV rays. Other forgotten areas include the ears, neck, and scalp - all susceptible to the sun. exposure. Nowadays, there are a number of sunscreens available (for each part of your body) so there are not many excuses left in the "I don't have the proper sunscreen," book. Protect your skin, you'll thank me later!

What’s your summertime skin routine?

No matter where I am going or what I am doing, I always include Vitamin C into my summer skincare routine. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that offers extra protection. A personal favorite is Heliocare, an oral antioxidant. This once-a-day supplement is packed with antioxidant properties that help protect your skin from the effects of environmental factors like the sun. And as you've probably heard 100 times, I always wear sunscreen, the token to keeping your skin intact.

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