These Are Haute Surgeon’s Most Prized Before And After Photos

Cosmetic surgeons are artists who construct your face, nose, and body into works of art to match your end goal and create a masterpiece. At Haute Beauty, we've seen some of the most beautiful before and afters from our Haute Beauty experts. As experts who have been in the field for years, we wanted to find out which before and after is their greatest possession? The one they love, always share in consultations, or had a life-changing effect on their patients. Here Haute Beauty experts dive into why this specific before and after has stuck throughout the years.

Dr. Robert Vitolo | Breast | New York

Photo Credit: Dr. Robert Vitolo

Over 20 years ago I did one of my first Scar Less Facelifts. To this day, I continue to use her photo as my go-to in a consultation. She underwent a Scar Less endoscopic brow and mid-facelift and liposuction under the jowls and chin. After undergoing the Scar Less Facelift, she was rejuvenated. Her once dowdy-looking face turned alive and bright. The brow lift made her eyes look bigger and better. The Face Lift tightened her skin. The liposuction cleaned up her neck and jowls.

About six months ago she came in and she still looked better than in her pictures before surgery. Now she is due for a regular face lift as she is older. Seeing these results is easily my greatest satisfaction because it immediately rejuvenates a patient both physically and mentally.

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Dr. Paul Durand Careaga Plastic Surgery | Body | Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Cleveland Clinic

Even though it is hard to single out one patient’s result, a surgery that had a major impact on my professional and personal life would have to be that of Katie Stubblefield. While at the Cleveland Clinic, I had the privilege to be part of the team of surgeons that performed a total face transplant on this amazing young lady and the youngest face transplant recipient to date. Her surgery took around thirty hours and though exhausting, it was incredibly life-changing for the patient and for those performing it. We rehearsed every step of this procedure in the cadaver lab for many months as we were aware of the high stakes of this surgery. Tiny nerves and blood vessels must be connected with precision to allow the tissues of the new face to live and function. After surgery and for the rest of the patient’s life, anti-rejection medications would be crucial to keeping Katie’s body from rejecting the new face. All this was made possible not just by the team of surgeons and other medical specialists but also by the great family support that she had at home. Katie’s surgery is one that will remain in my heart for the rest of my life.

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Dr. Jason Bloom | Face | Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Dr. Jason Bloom

Comprehensive facial rejuvenation is the key!  While I don’t have one specific favorite set of before and after photos over my years of practice, I really like how you can incorporate multiple different procedures or surgeries to create a harmonious, natural, and rejuvenated result. This is actually a very recent before and after of this fantastic nurse and patient. She came to me for an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, endonasal septorhinoplasty, facial fat grafting & deep plane lower face and neck lift with anterior platysmaplasty. Some people feel like multiple different surgeries on the same person can change them so much that they would look too fake or “plastic."

I love to use a case like this when I discuss surgery with patients as an example of how the right procedures are done in a conservative manner work to enhance a patient’s beauty and create a rejuvenated and harmonious result. The overriding idea with a case like this is synergy! The sum of multiple surgeries creates an entire, final result that is better than the sum of its parts.

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Dr. Daisy Ayim | Body | Houston

Photo Credit: Dr. Daisy Ayim

Over the years of body contouring, each client's journey is the best part of the transformation. Our lovely client had to overcome postpartum body changes after giving birth later in life. She had all the essential steps for sustainable cosmetic surgery results which are good nutrition and daily exercise. She went through nonsurgical body contouring and Bodytite.

As you can see, her results are impeccable and her already healthy lifestyle was valuable to further enhance her outcome. The client is seen here 3 months post-op from the Bodytite procedure. This type of transformation for a client who understands that a healthy fit lifestyle makes a tremendous impact on the longevity of cosmetic results. My platform in cosmetic surgery is centered on healthy living with an emphasis on nutrition and exercise.

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Dr. Brian K. Machida | Face | Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Dr. Brian Machida

The beauty in a facelift is its ability to target the area of the face that’s typically hardest hit by aging: the lower face. Dr. Machida performed a deep plane face lift on this particular patient and her results have her "beyond satisfied. I had high expectations when considering a facelift, but what Dr. Machida did for me and my confidence was more than I could have expected. I am so grateful to him and his staff," said patient.

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Dr. Jhonny Salomon | Face, Nose | Miami/Fort Lauderdale


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This young boy, an orphan from Poland, came on a medical visa for the treatment of his craniofacial congenital deformities, namely treatcher collins and microtia (absent ear). Assigned to his care, I reconstructed both his ears that were absent at birth using his own ribs and reconstructed his eyes, nose, cheeks and chin.

As amazing as sometimes life works out to be, this child that I was helping was adopted by a family in Palm Beach and subsequently found his music talents and was accepted at The Julliard School for his studies. An extremely powerful destiny that I was honored to play a role in.

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