Amanda Seyfried’s Simple Guide To Clear And Hydrated Skin

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Amanda Seyfried’s newest series, The Dropout, was recently released on Hulu. To celebrate the show airing, we’re breaking down Amanda’s best skincare tips. Amanda is all about the less is more mentality when it comes to her makeup routine and reveals that her preference for the bare-faced look is mostly out of laziness. Whatever she’s doing is working since her fair complexion is constantly clear and glowing.

When working on set, the actress shares that she feels claustrophobic with a full face of makeup, so she takes a more natural approach to beauty in her daily life. When doing her own makeup, Amanda tells Glamour, “My own rule is little to no foundation ad some concealer in spots. It makes a difference without covering your entire face.” Despite her minimalist approach when it comes to makeup, Amanda has a short list of must-have products for the care and keeping of her skin.

Amanda’s Go-To Beauty Products

Instead of Botox and filler, Amanda combats aging with Toute Nuit wrinkle patches. The patches can be found on Amazon and are essentially triangular pieces of surgical tape that help target wrinkles. Seyfried tells Allure, “I use a new one every night.”

When it comes to the essential step of exfoliation, Amanda opts for Lancôme’s Clarifique Exfoliating & Hydrating Face Essence. This comes as no surprise since the actress serves as the brand’s ambassador.

Beyond her face, the actress also values the importance of caring for the rest of her body and staying moisturized. Her favorite moisturizer is the Eu’Genia Shea Butter with a lavender scent. The rich body butter also happens to use organic, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Lastly, Amanda knows the importance of protecting our skin from potential sun damage by applying SPF daily. In the past, the mother of two shared that she loves the mineral SPF from Babo Botanicals, and even uses the product on her daughter.