Skincare Is Self-Care: Here’s Why This Day Spa Added Virtual Skincare Concierge To Their Services

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The Richel D'Ambra Spa is excited to announce the newest addition to their spa services, virtual skincare concierge. As the COVID pandemic continues to play a large role in day-to-day life the team at Richel D'Ambra Spa took the unpredictability of the times into their own hands. While services weren't able to be performed on clients, at the same time, people were looking at skincare as a way of self-care.

After endless zoom calls with clients and discussions on the lack of face-to-face contact, the idea of a virtual skincare concierge became permanent. Virtual skincare concierge is not just for the client who comes in and gets a spa service, it's for all. To discuss what virtual skincare concierge entails, Haute Beauty sat down with Richel D'Ambra. Here's what they had to say:

Haute Beauty: Who is virtual skincare concierge for?

Richel D'Ambra Spa: Virtual skincare concierge is not just for the person who doesn't come into the spa, it is for the person who comes in to get treatment. For the client that comes in and gets a service at the spa, you don't want that to be their only interaction with you. You want to be involved in their skin care regiment at home. If they take products home, they will have questions about those products. How do they work? How do you incorporate them into your already used skincare regimen?

Now, for the person who may never come in and get the treatment done because they either have a full-time job or are dealing with personal issues, virtual skincare care has a recognizable value to that person.

HB: What are the benefits of virtual skincare concierge?

RS: It is not just about a pandemic response its really about being able to address people that you weren't able to reach prior. In hindsight, there were people being left out looking at the world the way it is now.

Points that solidified having a virtual concierge program include:

  • Educating people about what they need for their skincare
  • Nurturing people and as a part of skincare that is self-care
  • Connecting with clients past the treatment time
  • Solving skincare problems for people

To reach the most people, the world of skincare needed to have more options. Another door that virtual skincare concierge opens is being able to understand skincare products. Oftentimes one takes the recommendation of a friend or a TikTok review, but is that really what was needed for your skin?

Another concern is seasonal changes. Did you know that when the seasons change you might need to make changes to your skincare routine? This in fact is what will prevent you from getting the best effects out of the products you use. When booking an appointment with Richel D'Ambra Spa all of these worries can be addressed and on top of it all, your skincare goals and individualistic needs will be reviewed by a professional!

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HB: Are there any limitations to virtual skincare concierge?

RS: Virtual Skincare Concierge can be utilized on its own or in tandem with professional treatments at the spa. For example, if someone receives a facial at our spa, they can also sign-up for Virtual Skincare Concierge to extend those results at home for as long as they feel they’d need the extra guidance.

But those only using Virtual Skincare Concierge on its own may be limited in what options are available as some professional products or treatment protocols are professional only. In particular, one couldn’t receive a HydraFacial at home, because the machine to perform that service lives at the spa.

Of course, a client may discover through a virtual consultation with their esthetician that specific professional treatment may offer additional results they are looking for, so the option to receive treatments in the spa is always there.

HB: How do you treat virtually?

RS: Upon booking an appointment, clients will fill out a simple form that will ask some questions about their skin, their current routine, and their skincare goals. clients also have the opportunity to attach photos if they would like, which is recommended. The esthetician at Richel D'Ambra Spa will then have full access to the initial profile before the virtual appointment so that every session can be personalized and focused on each client’s needs.

During the virtual consultation, the client and esthetician will review all this information together. Here is where the benefit of virtual skincare concierge really shines: conversation.

In my years of performing facial treatments, I have seen so many clients who really have a desire to learn about what they should be doing for their skin. I have heard comments like “I wish you could just show me what I should be doing at home!” or “I have all these products and I have no idea if they’re even doing anything!” And so, virtual skincare concierge is, in part, a response to filling that gap–what happens once your client goes home–as well as addressing the need for skincare to be more accessible to everyone who may not have the time or ability to come in and receive professional treatment.

HB: Are people hesitant towards virtual skincare concierge since you can't physically touch or see their skin concern?

RS: I can understand where someone might be hesitant but I believe the value of conversation, as touched upon before, is so important here. Using photos and the in-consultation face cam the esthetician will be able to assess the current skin condition, but more importantly, by being able to converse with each other we will be able to assess the best treatment. What is realistic for the client? Are they someone who wants a simple, pared-down routine or do they enjoy mixing things up? Do they have a lot of time to devote to skincare or is that a challenge?

Also through these conversations with our esthetician, there is so much value to be gained for the client in terms of education. What products would work best for you and why? Many times the “why” gets missed and so the client doesn’t understand foundationally why a certain product might benefit them or what specific results they should be looking for when using it. We will help to fill in those gaps as well.

And don’t forget, virtual skincare concierge is designed to keep that dialogue open. Once a client's virtual consult is over, clients will continue to have access to our esthetician the entire month after for any questions or issues they might have or to further tailor their routine to address their needs.

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