365 Days A Year, We Are All At Risk Of Sun Damage

Enlighten MD is known as the premier destination in Dallas for beauty and aesthetics with an award-winning selection of services that are combined with highly customized treatment plans to produce what you want... Results. The team at Enlighten MD is comprised of highly educated professionals who are true problem solvers. They focus on creating solutions to address your concerns while monitoring your progress every step of the way. Proud to be located in the heart of Preston Hollow, they pride themselves on providing discreet service within their state-of-the-art facility. Haute Beauty sits down with founder Kari Feinstein to talk about the reality of sun damage being a 365 day a year concern. 

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As summer has officially come to a close and fall season is in full effect, it is important that we take notice of the time we have spent soaking in the sun. Realistically, who hasn't had their fun in the sun? At one point this summer or over your years, we have indulged in vacations, pool parties, and just plain living. All this time spent being exposed to the ultraviolet rays takes a toll on the skin in the way of spots and redness.

Sun damage is a real issue for many of us. It is simply not only a "summer," worry, as the sun is shining 365 days a year. If we have learned anything (and we have) in the last 17 years, is that everyone has accumulated some sun damage. At Enlighten MD, it is heavily encouraged that all of our patients begin with a comprehensive consultation to guide them in the right direction.

A popular treatment option for sun damage is a photofacial. Once that is determined to be the right treatment, we can then begin to remove years of damage. Not all spots are created equally so in some cases you might require other treatments (chemical peels, Fraxel, etc.)


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Think of a photofacial as an eraser that gives you a chance to achieve that creamy complexion on your face that you used to have. Make sure that you also treat your neck and decollete as these areas are all one palate. To maintain your results use proper skincare including a daily SPF. Every few years you can have another IPL treatment to keep your skin beautiful and spot-free.

Regardless of "how bad" the damage is, Enlighten MD can always make improvements. Based out of Dallas, we are here to get long-lasting results that keep the city a beautiful place, inside and out!

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