Erectile Dysfunction? Here’s Your Men’s Health Help With Tenuto

TenutoPhoto Credit: MysteryVibeIt’s understandable why erectile dysfunction isn’t a topic men want to openly talk about. Whether it be they are embarrassed or simply feel they are out of options, it’s simply not a discussion men want to have.

Even though approximately 15-50% of men have some form of erectile dysfunction, 30% suffer premature ejaculation, 3-7% are unable to reach orgasm, and 15% have reported a hypoactive sexual desire order. As you can see, these sexual health issues are extremely common and can cause physical, mental, and social health problems for men. Luckily, a revolutionary wearable vibration device might be the answer to their problem.

These issues can be caused by several medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, and cancer. Tenuto offers men a non-medicinal, non-invasive solution for their sexual health issues. It is an award-winning, wearable, vibrating device designed to stretch and fit around the penis and perineum for increased blood flow and extended erections.

According to Professor Prokar Dasgupta, MysteryVibe’s Chief Medical Officer, “vibration is a proven, non-medicinal solution for sexual health issues in men including erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, desire disorder, and general pain relief. Vibration can also be used as an alternative to oral treatment, such as Sildenafil [Viagra] and other PDE5 inhibitors, which may cause unwanted side effects.” The expert added that vibration is particularly effective at improving erectile dysfunction in those with spinal cord injuries.

TenutoPhoto Credit: MysteryVibeThe front part of Tenuto is shaped like the labia to better stimulate the partner and its 6 strong motors can be controlled via a smart app. Tenuto was designed to easily stretch and adjust around the base of the penis. It can be worn before or during intercourse while providing a strong yet comfortable grip to maintain the erection.

Once you’ve purchased your Tenuto, here’s how to get started:

• Download the app
• Turn on Tenuto, circle through the pre-set vibrations
• Apply lubricant
• Stretch it, wear Tenuto and reach the area you want to stimulate
• Set the intensity
• Try out different positions
• Use the app to set the intensity and vibrations

It has been a game-changer for many. One particular customer said the Tenuto has successfully enabled him to consistently climax once again. If you’re a male and you feel like you may be experiencing these sexual health issues, this might be the right option for you. It is not a shame to address what may be holding you back so you can ultimately take charge of your sex life. For more information, visit