Bel Powley Beams With Her Bare-Faced Beauty Routine

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Born Isobel Dorothy Powley, Bel Powley followed in the footsteps of her father, actor Mark Powley. The now 29-year-old actress found fame in 2015 with the eccentric coming-of-age film, “The Diary of a Teenage Girl.” Since then, the west London-born actress has undertaken differing roles in film and television. Following her recent performance as Claire Conway in the Apple TV drama “The Morning Show,” Powley has proved herself to be a reckoning force in Hollywood.

As fans await the second season of “The Morning Show” due later this year, the up-and-coming actress spoke to Vogue about her skincare and minimal makeup routine, the impact of social media, and societal standards on beauty ideals, and finding self-confidence as a public figure.


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Powley begins by recounting her experience with beauty growing up. Her mother served as a substantial influence to her as, “one of those fabulous women who could take a lipstick out of her handbag and put it on without looking in the mirror.” On the contrary, Powley herself explains that she did not always feel effortlessly ethereal. She states, “I always felt a bit awkward because I had quite a boyish-shaped body with very twiggy legs and arms. I didn't feel womanly. I didn't know how to accept it or how to dress for it.”

She continues, “I always experimented with different subversive looks. I was enjoying not trying to do the generic beautiful look; I was enjoying being a bit different. I felt more comfortable being in the kind of, ‘She's a bit different and a bit weird’ section.”

Only in the last few years has Powley grown more confident in herself as she claims, “that’s not because I think I look really good or anything, it’s more that I’ve come to this state of self-acceptance. Part of being an adult is learning how to accept yourself, but also how to accentuate what you’ve been given.” Taking ownership of her charming demeanor, she has learned how to present herself in a way that feels comfortable and suitable for her. She states, “as I’ve grown up, I’ve started to wear less makeup. I like washing [my face] and just going out. If I am going to wear makeup, I wear concealer and a bit of mascara. I will do my eyebrows and sometimes put on some red lipstick.”

During this past year in lockdown, Powley has developed a simple yet solid self-care routine. She explains, “even if I just cleanse my face and put on two different serums—or moisturizer and do a bit of gua sha—taking that time to look after yourself is comforting and grounding.”


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With her career in the public eye, however, Powley is no stranger to pampering and dressing up for red carpet events. Oftentimes, she will look to a makeup artist for guidance to “create a character.” Makeup in relation to her profession is a tool to “transform [her] into someone else. Putting on a costume or wig gives [her] that extra layer of confidence and huge respect for women who wear their makeup like that. There's an art to it.”

An additional aspect of life in the entertainment industry is the complications that come with the image of a star. With regard to social media, Powley has struggled with the implications of Instagram on her mental health. After losing focus of her journey and becoming addicted to it, she has learned to delete the app off her phone from time to time in order to avoid falling down the wormhole. She now sticks by the sentiment that “It's good to celebrate yourself sometimes, but there's a fine line. It’s about balance.”

A parting message Powley leaves for her fans and supporters is, “don't look for self-validation from outside influences. Look at yourself in the mirror, study yourself, and try to work out a way to accept yourself. Once you get over that hurdle, you open the door to endless opportunities to enhance and love yourself.”