The Skincare Routine Backed By Celebrity Facialist Melanie Grant

Melanie GrantPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Figuring out a skincare routine can feel as exciting yet apprehensive as getting a Mystery Airheads flavor — you don’t know how the product truly works (or tastes) until you try it. And to put together a routine of effective skincare products? It’s more tedious than it sounds. Instead of choosing between a cleanser or micellar water, or when to use a serum and how many different kinds, just leave it to celebrity facialist and ‘Clinical Beauty’ expert Melanie Grant. 

Known for tending the skin of stars like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Victoria Beckham, Grant’s aesthetic skills that “bespoke to your skin and its needs” have already made waves in the beauty community worldwide — she runs clinics in Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Paris and soon in London. 

Perhaps it’s her holistic perspective to approaching clients’ needs, or her belief in a simple but consistent skincare routine (rather than “more is better” product overload) that makes her so popular among celebs. Well, we’re soaking in every last drop of her skincare wisdom, and you should too. Learn about the simple a.m. and p.m. skincare routines that Grant recommends to all her clients.

Morning Skincare 

“In the morning I advise just these three steps, which should take no longer than three or four minutes,” Grant told British Vogue. “It’s comprehensive because you’re cleansing your skin and protecting it against free radicals and UV damage. If you like eye cream, then add that in, but I’m cheeky and often skip it in the morning and just use one at night.”

To start her day, Grant gently cleanses her face with micellar water (she uses the one by Bioderma Sensibio) to refresh her skin before serums and a hydrator. Then, she follows with an antioxidant serum: “I’m a huge believer in an antioxidant serum in the morning, especially if you live in a high-density city, so a vitamin C serum is great. If vitamin C irritates you, try a B or niacinamide – or any kind of antioxidant serum to protect your skin against free radicals – works well.” Finally, she finishes with moisturizer and SPF. Sometimes, she opts for moisturizers with built-in SPF, but you can also apply a moisturizer with sunscreen on top. 

Nighttime Skincare 

When it’s time to unwind, Grant starts by thoroughly washing her face — not once, but twice! “You’re never going to remove SPF, make-up, oil, sweat, dirt, and debris if you don’t do a double cleanse at night,” she said. “Sometimes I love an oil or balm first, and then a cleanser with AHAs or something a little bit more active after.” Interestingly, she follows with an exfoliating lotion, like the Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion. “As we get past 30, exfoliating is the easiest way to boost glow and radiance, because oftentimes there is a build-up of debris and the cell turnover slows, so you just need to focus slightly more on exfoliation,” she said. 

After, she applies a corrective serum to treat any skin issues. “Whether it's hydration, or redness and sensitivity, or aging and blemish-prone skin, whatever it might be, find a serum to treat it,” Grant said.  “Generally I reach for retinol, which I love because it ticks so many boxes – it’s one of those tried-and-tested, proven ingredients. But you might also reach for a niacinamide treatment or a hyaluronic hydrating serum or vitamin C for brightening or pigmentation.”

Then, she follows with eye cream under her eyes and taps the excess around the lips. Of course, she never forgets to use a night cream. “It’s a big thing for people with blemish-prone or oily complexions – they often leave their skin without night cream which is crazy…. It will also ensure you’re waking up plump and hydrated. People confuse oily dry with water dry – just because you’re oily doesn’t mean that your skin isn’t dehydrated,” she said. 

Finally, Grant closes her evening skincare routine by rejuvenating her skin with face tools. “I love a Gua Sha as it feels so nice. I also love home LED masks as they’ve come such a long way,” she said. “You’ve got Déessee, and The Light Salon has some good ones too – they are a really good investment. Microcurrent at home is also good – I love the NuFace.”