Lighten Up: Is Zoom Whitening for You?

Dr. Steven Davidowitz, also known as "Dr. D" by his patients, is one of the Upper East Side of Manhattan’s leading celebrity cosmetic dentists that specialize in designing and maintaining beautiful smiles. Dr. D is among the world’s most prominent cosmetic dentists. Dr. Steven Davidowitz practices general and cosmetic dentistry with a true love for smile makeovers through clear aligners and porcelain veneer treatments. Dr. Davidowitz was recently named a member of the RealSelf Medical Review Advisory Board for cosmetic dentistry content on their website and platform at RealSelf Medical Review Advisory Board. He was also recognized as an Invisalign Elite Provider in 2012 which signified his extraordinary amount of education and experience in using Invisalign. This distinction also placed him in the top 3% of Invisalign providers in the United States. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Steven Davidowitz explains why whitening your teeth makes a drastic difference in someone's smile.

teeth whiteningPhoto Credit: ShutterstockAre Strips Safe for Your teeth?

Whitening strips tend to move and do not have a great seal to prevent saliva from diluting the gel and from getting on the sensitive gums. This can lead to both frustrating and uncomfortable teeth whitening. In addition, those with spaces or crowding in their teeth may have a difficult time placing the strips correctly on the teeth surfaces.

What is Zoom Whitening? How is it different from Strips?

A big advantage of Zoom! Whitespeed is the speed of whitening. Our patients can have their teeth whitened using the Zoom! Whitespeed procedure and whiten their teeth up to 8 shades in just 45 minutes of active whitening in the office! You simply cannot get results that quickly with any at-home product. While some at-home whitening kits (ie. Glo at home professional) can be effective, they can be both more difficult to use, and compliance is often an issue (people tend to get frustrated after 2-3 days and quit).

How long does Zoom last? Is it just one session?

The whitening effects of just one session of Zoom! Whitespeed should last between 12 and 24 months. However, the length of the benefits will vary largely depending on how well you treat your teeth afterward. Avoiding frequent staining foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and coke, will prolong the effects of zoom whitening treatment, as will good dental hygiene overall. If you do occasionally have a staining drink, keep a close eye on the beverage sizes and frequency. A tip to remember is using a straw will reduce the staining contact with your teeth and drinking some water after will help wash away the stain debris.

teeth whiteningPhoto Credit: ShutterstockWho is a good candidate for Zoom Whitening?

The best candidates for professional teeth whitening have healthy teeth without fillings or restorations and healthy gum tissues. Patients whose teeth have yellow tones are more likely to respond to whitening treatment.

Patients with the following conditions or circumstances may not be the best candidates for Zoom! whitening:

• Pregnant and nursing women
• People who have restorations such as fillings, implants, crowns, and dental bridges
• Children under 16 years of age
• Patients with periodontal disease, tooth decay, cavities, and exposed roots
• People who are allergic to teeth bleaching whitening agents like peroxide
• Individuals with severe sensitive teeth
• Those who seek unrealistic or blinding-white results

If you have bonding or other filling materials in your mouth, special considerations are necessary. Because crowns, bridges, and other inorganic restorations are immune to the effects of tooth whitening, your natural teeth, and restored teeth may not match after the procedure. In some cases, new fillings or other restorations may be required. Even if whitening is not a viable option, your cosmetic dentist can offer many other ways to perfect your smile such as veneers for a true smile makeover.

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