Arnold Schwarzenegger Shared Advice For Building A Workout Routine

Arnold SchwarzeneggerPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

He’s a seven-time Mr. Olympia, the 38th governor of California, and the Terminator  — he’s the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. Passionate about his devotion to health, the 73-year-old superstar recently spoke to Men’s Health regarding the daily routine that keeps him energized. 

In response to a newsletter from a fan who’s starting their fitness journey at 52 years old, Schwarzenegger offered tips on how he finds the energy to start his day: “I find my energy by doing things I love and that brings me closer to my vision. I can be reading a script and I will fall asleep. But then I play a game of chess, which I love, and I’m wide awake and can finish the script.  This morning, I woke up at 4 a.m. to have a Zoom with the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator. That’s even early for me, but I was wide awake because I have a vision of making my environmental summit in Austria a huge success. So find your vision and you’ll find your energy.”

As far as starting the day, Schwarzenegger said, “I don’t think. I just do.” After getting out of bed each morning, he drinks his coffee and reads the newspaper before biking to Gold’s Gym, where he works out. Following his gym sesh, he bikes to grab breakfast. Left with a clear mind, the actor focuses on his work for the rest of the day. 

Schwarzenegger re-emphasized the importance of following a structured routine in his newsletter, as establishing consistent habits eventually turns into second nature. “What has kept me consistent is that I never have to think about this,” he said. “It’s a routine, so it is ingrained in me. There is no thinking, no 'should I skip the gym today?' I get out of bed at 5 a.m. and everything starts. The next three hours are automatic.” 

Though he said motivation helps, Schwarzenegger explained that a routine builds consistency. Of course, he understands how implementing routines aren’t easy and suggests starting small. “Maybe the first thing you do when you get out of bed is some pushups and squats,” he said. “Add something to your routine every week, and then eventually, you’ll have an hour or two hours every morning that are purely automatic and focused on improving yourself.”

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