Show Off Your Spotless Smile: The Top Five Healthy Smile Secrets

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A gleaming radiant smile is oftentimes our external projection of inner joy, happiness, and excitement. Multiple surveys have shown that a mere smile conveys more than good dental hygiene. The look of shining teeth may seem to be a minor detail in one’s overall beauty but in truth, affects how we perceive the attitudes of others and how we are perceived by others. The ability to show off a smile you are proud of can be a substantial tool to boost self-confidence. Haute Beauty presents the top five medically recommended methods to achieve, maintain, and care for your desired healthy and beautiful smile.

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1. Whitening

The most simple and instantly gratifying dental improvement to achieve a brighter smile is teeth whitening. Whitening strips can be purchased online or at a local pharmacy. While easily accessible, these are not fully effective as they contain minimal amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the chemical needed to whiten the teeth. Whitening strips may also increase the risk of burning gum tissue exposed to whitening gel and saliva contamination reducing the effectiveness of the whitening. Another approach is professional custom whitening trays. Made by dentists to custom fit one’s teeth, the whitening gel in these are stronger but is still not fully proactive against gum damage and saliva contamination. The quickest and most efficient option is in-office whitening. This method offers the most dramatic effect by lightening at least four to five shades. The gel used to whiten teeth is the strongest prescription-grade exclusively available at dental offices. In this process, the teeth are completely isolated presenting minimal risk of gum burn or saliva contamination.

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2. Bonding and Recontouring

Correcting minor imperfections such as slight chipping or unevenness can be achieved through bonding, recontouring, or typically a combination of both. Bonding is a method of using tooth-colored material mimicking the structure of a natural tooth and adding that filling into areas that may have chips or deficiencies. This dental treatment can change the shape of teeth or even out the appearance of one’s smile. Recontouring often goes hand in hand with bonding to reshape teeth, round out short corners, or even out minor length discrepancies. This simple yet effective combination of bonding and recontouring is ideal for those who are primarily satisfied with their smile but may be searching for minor adjustments to achieve perfection.

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3. Straightening

Highly rated in terms of patient satisfaction, Invisalign presents a seamless method to straighten teeth and achieve a perfect smile. The evolution from clunky metal braces, brackets, and wires has smoothly transformed into the use of Invisalign. From correcting teeth spacing, crowding, and minor bite issues, this approach to dental care is an effective yet discreet step towards straighter teeth. One perk of this method is how easily accessible it is to the public. All that is needed to begin treatment are photographs and molds. Throughout the process, patients are able to follow their smiles digitally with computerized animation. Invisalign offers a simple, straightforward, and virtually painless approach to help achieve perfectly straightened teeth.

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4. Full Smile Makeover

Dental veneers, porcelain veneers, in particular, are perfect if a patient is looking for a complete makeover and smile transformation. Made of a string glasslike material, porcelain veneers are thin shells that can be used to drastically enhance specific elements of a smile. From a full wax of teeth to the fabrication of veneers, this dental treatment offers a plethora of differing fixes. They can be used to mask discoloration, achieve the desired shade, broaden a smile, correct minor spacing, and enhance the size and shape of teeth. Porcelain veneers have a much stronger bond to enamel than it does to the inner layer of the teeth or dentin. This dental process also varies in translucencies and can mimic the appearance of natural teeth. As a method of correcting both the physical conditions and the aesthetics of natural teeth, these restorations offer dramatic and transformative results to help achieve a perfect smile uniquely catered to one’s wishes and desires.

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5. Healthy Habits

Whether a patient is naturally gifted with bright white pearls or wishes to undergo differing dental procedures to help their teeth achieve a spotless appearance, the basis of a beautiful smile is proper health and hygiene. It is paramount to develop and maintain healthy oral habits. Minimal and low maintenance practices such as brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are small steps that can make an immense impact on dental hygiene. Furthermore, scheduling regular check-ins and professional teeth cleanings with a dentist every six months is crucial. A balanced diet and avoidance of excessive sugar can also keep teeth in optimal care. Nutritious foods such as raw vegetables, plain yogurt, cheese, and fruit can aid in dental health. One tip for those who play sports or have the habit of grinding teeth is to ask a dentist about specially designed mouthguards for protection. Ultimately, maintaining and caring for one’s overall health is the foundation to achieve an ideal, healthy, and shining smile.