Joe Jonas Credits Current Lifestyle to Good Diet, Meditation, & Tanqueray

Joe JonasPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

For someone like Joe Jonas, life goes 100 miles per hour. Although the 31-year-old musician remains busy juggling multiple tasks each day, he recently revealed how the pandemic forced him into a much calmer lifestyle. In an interview with GQ, Jonas shared the daily routine — defined by a balanced diet, diverse workout, and a gin cocktail or two — that he adopted last year to embrace a healthier, more mindful way of life. 

Around 7-7:30 a.m., Jonas wakes up and starts his day by meditating. “Even if it's like three minutes… It’s just about being mindful instead of starting any social media,” he told GQ. Besides basking in his personal headspace, Jonas also does a weekly meditation on Sundays with a group of friends over Zoom—it’s led by a former monk. “It’s great because this isn’t us just like getting together to play a game,” he said. “It’s us talking about our feelings and how we're doing and checking in with each other.” 

Jonas then completes some Duolingo (he’s slowly learning Italian), texts seven-to-10 things he’s grateful for to a group chat with friends, listens to NPR’s Up First while making a pour-over coffee, and finally prepares a smoothie. “It's all the greens you can possibly have. Superfoods, some prebiotics, probiotics, organic vegetables, and fruits,” he said about the contents of his smoothie. “I use kale and some ginger occasionally and some vegan protein powder.”


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A fan of high-intensity exercises, Jonas engages in a 30- to 40-minute workout usually something from his trainer Matt Blank — before hitting the Peloton for another 20 to 30 minutes. Then, he visits the sauna. However, Jonas takes active to a whole other level: “I even have a little mobile gym in my Tesla, which came in handy on set the other day,” he said. “I’d rather be doing something, keeping my body moving, instead of just sitting around and playing on my phone or watching a movie when we have downtime.” 

As for the food that fuels his body, Jonas eats a lot of fish — he becomes a “sushi fanatic” especially in Los Angeles — mixed with vegetables. “My favorite spot is Sushi Note,” he said. “It’s in between two psychics and it’s just incredible classic sushi, sashimi, and rice.” Though he likes to keep his diet clean and light on salt, Jonas said he indulges from time to time. “I’m big on dark chocolate—my favorite is the Lindt Excellence with a touch of sea salt.” Meanwhile, snacks have remained the same for him since childhood: apples or bananas with almond butter. 

On top of drinking a lot of Topo Chico, Jonas said he likes to drink a Rise cold brew coffee with a little oat milk in the afternoon. And by dinner time, he enjoys “a couple” of cocktails. “I’m obsessed with Tanqueray Sevilla Orange at the moment,” he said. “I just have it as a gin and tonic with a small orange wedge, and it’s honestly the perfect summer vibe.” Who can blame him? It seems like Jonas made the perfect partner to promote the bittersweet gin.