Is A “Gummy Smile” Making You Self-Conscious?

Dr. Bret Davis of Smile Texas has invested heavily in post-graduate training at the highly prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). There, Dr. Davis learned the state-of-the-art techniques in both the aesthetic and the functional aspects necessary to create a beautiful, healthy smile. He is one of the youngest dentists to achieve completion of the complex LVI curriculum and earn fellowship status. Dr. Kline of Smile Texas is most known for his Teeth-By-Tonight™ he's been offering this procedure for over a decade. It’s appropriate for those who are losing or have already lost all of their natural teeth. In just one procedure Dr. Kline can remove any remaining bad teeth, place dental implants and then build a beautiful new smile on those solid artificial tooth roots. 

Gummy smilePhoto Credit: Courtesy of Smile TexasThe aesthetically ideal smile has the upper lip line laying almost exactly across the top of the upper teeth. In other words, very little of the gum tissue is visible even when you smile broadly. Many people are self-conscious about this aspect of their smile.

The treatment of a gummy smile, what we call a GumTuk™, is the process by which Dr. Bret Davis of Smile Texas removes excess gum tissue that causes your teeth to look too short and boxy. We use a Diode Laser which gently and permanently removes the excess gum tissue that is hiding the top of the teeth. In addition, many cases need to have aesthetic crown lengthening, which is minimally invasive microsurgery, with no visible stitches or downtime. Finally, some of our guests have a naturally over-active upper lip that moves up too high when they smile. This exposes the gum tissue to view and is often not considered optimal. Using a simple Lip Tack procedure, we can reduce the amount that the upper lip moves to create a beautiful smile line. Guests who have had this procedure have loved their results!

What Causes A Gummy Smile?

There are many things that may cause someone to require a gingivectomy. Some of these include:

• Excessive gum tissue
• Disproportionate jaw formation
• Excessive bone tissue around the teeth
• Short upper lip

Gummy smilePhoto Credit: Courtesy of Smile TexasAm I A Candidate For The GumTuk™ Procedure?

When you smile, if you feel the appearance of your teeth is overshadowed by excessive gum exposure, then you could benefit from a reduction of those gums or extension of your visible teeth. For some people, this can be due to your teeth appearing too short, even though they are more likely simply covered by excessive gum tissue. Or your teeth may have shortened due to grinding. For others, it’s not a case of excess gum tissue; it’s a case of the muscle that controls your upper lip being hyperactive and causing your lip to rise up higher than normal.

Why Choose Smile Texas?

Patients choose Smile Texas because experience matters. Smile Texas has completed thousands of Smile Makeovers that include gummy smile treatment! Patients from all over Houston, Texas, the United States, and the world come to Smile Texas for their Smile Makeovers. Our experience means less hassle for you. In other words, we’ll transform your smile correctly the first time and make you look and feel more attractive without any heartache. For guests on a tight schedule, we can complete a smile makeover in as little as 1 week! To learn more about gummy smile treatment or to schedule a consultation, call Smile Texas at (281) 265-7645.

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