Dr. Chopra’s New Approach To A Quick Recovery Face Lift

Dr. Karan Chopra was guided and advised by visionaries of the field with hands-on experience at the esteemed Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. There he honed his skills in complex facial and orbital reconstructive surgery at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center; completing a dual aesthetic and oculoplastic fellowship with Dr. Mark Codner. At the forefront of advancing cosmetic surgery, his revolutionary techniques and artful hand yield natural-looking results unique to each of his patients. Recognized for his prominent education and training pedigree, Dr. Chopra is revered for his leadership and research in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has authored 53 peer-reviewed research articles and has given over 20 lectures across the U.S. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Karan Chopra explains a new approach of a Face Lift by going underneath the skin to achieve a more subtle and natural result.

face liftPhoto Credit: ShutterstockGone are the days of the overly done, pulled-back look that has long been associated with Facelifts (Rhytidectomies). The introduction of newer techniques trades images of distorted skin, altered hairlines, and visible scarring for visions of a subtle, more natural, revitalized lift. To achieve the ultimate rejuvenated appearance with minimal recovery time and maximum, long-lasting results, surgeons focus on correcting sagging skin by going deeper - beyond the dermal layer.

The most substantial change in a modern Facelift with natural results isn't new technology but rather a new approach. By going underneath the skin, Dr. Karan Chopra can lift and reposition the muscle and connective tissue that the skin sits atop. This innovative technique offers the most significantly effective lift and rejuvenation possible without pulling to prevent a contrived appearance.

Dr. Chopra is a partner at Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery in Minneapolis, MN. He is a John Hopkins trained facial, breast, and body plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a fellowship in oculoplastic aesthetics. Dr. Chopra is uniquely skilled in facial contouring and structure to help patients achieve a more youthful appearance while maintaining their natural facial characteristics.


Many patients experience sagging skin in the mid-40s to early-50s due to laxity from loss of elasticity, hollowness in the cheek, and excess skin in the jowls, jawline, and neck. Depending on genetics and environmental factors, some people see more significant signs than others and want to restore a more defined and youthful look.

The three benefits of a Facelift are:
● A Restorative Natural Look: Reverse the signs of aging while maintaining your natural facial characteristics, so you can look as good as you feel.
● Long-Lasting Results: The Facelift is the only surgical option to provide the most effective form of rejuvenation with permanent results.
● Improved Self-Confidence: Knowing you look your best can renew your outlook on life and boost your emotional well-being.

faceliftPhoto Credit: ShutterstockWHAT FACELIFT IS BEST FOR YOU?

The type of facial rejuvenation surgery that yields best-fit results depends on several factors - patient goals, facial features, skin condition, and the level of sagging, excess skin that needs to be addressed. There are various types of Facelift surgeries, including the Mini Lift, Full Facelift Short Incision, and Full Facelift Long Incision, each with unique benefits, risks, and costs. Dr. Chopra must first carefully assess a patient's facial features during a consultation to make an appropriate procedure recommendation.

Mini Facelift

● Refresh the lower portion of the face
● Restores mild volume loss in the cheek
● Subtle tightening of sagging skin

Full Facelift Short Incision

● Targets cheek and jawline areas
● Lift cheek area, restore volume
● Elevate and correct sagging jowls
● Build definition into the jawline
● Correct sagging skin

Full Facelift Long Incision

● Restores, cheek, jawline, and neck area
● Lift cheeks, restore volume
● Elevate and correct sagging jowls
● Build definition in the jawline
● Tighten neck area and remove excess fat
● Firm and smooth skin across the face and neck area


New Face Lift techniques usher in a quicker healing timeline. The classic "Mummy Wrap" long associated with the procedure, was once thought to prevent swelling. However, surgeons have found it can prolong swelling because it "traps the swelling."

Instead, Dr. Chopra uses a series of nerve blocks to keep patients comfortable post-surgery, mitigating the need for pain medication. Patients are mobile and walking on the same day of surgery, and consuming their regular diet. Patients heal at various rates, and recovery is largely dependent on the procedure chosen and if additional procedures were also performed.

Dr. Chopra will provide you with a personalized recovery timeline and instructions to help your recovery go smoothly once the surgery is complete. As the face and neck begin to heal, you will begin to appreciate an improved appearance and many of the emotional benefits of your self-investment.


● Most patients take 2 – 3 weeks off before returning to work
● Bruising and swelling are most substantial 2-3 days post-op, then resolves over the next week
● Patients can move around the house independently and do light household activities the day after surgery
● Refrain from strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for 2 – 3 weeks
● Most patients are comfortable in public after 2 weeks
● Best results are visible in week 6 and beyond
● While healing, incisions can be covered with makeup until they fade and blend seamlessly with the natural contours of the face.

Dr. Chopra's Quick Recovery Face Lift procedure empowers his patients to begin emotional healing and reclaim their youth. Through his extended ENVISIONS consultation, you will discuss history, goals and assess the region with a friendly and caring team. Contact Dr. Chopra and his team today to begin your confidence-boosting journey.

If you're interested in seeing Dr. Karan Chopra as a patient, contact him directly at Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery in Burnsville, MN at 952-435-0177 or by email at Info@TCPlasticSurgery.com. Follow Dr. Chopra on Instagram @karanchopramd