How To Achieve A Natural Look With Fillers According To Enlighten MD

Enlighten MD is known as the premier destination in Dallas for beauty and aesthetics with an award-winning selection of services that are combined with highly customized treatment plans to produce what you want... Results. The team is comprised of highly educated professionals who are true problem solvers. They focus on creating solutions to address your concerns while monitoring your progress every step of the way. Proud to be located in the heart of Preston Hollow, they pride themselves on providing discreet service within their state-of-the-art facility. Enlighten MD discusses with Haute Beauty how an injector should aim for the most natural look while injecting fillers to avoid an over-filled face.

Enlighten MDPhoto Credit: Enlighten MDHB: What should you look for in a specialist?

You should look for a med spa with a reputation for having great outcomes. You should choose an injector with experience, artistry, and an educator in this field.

HB: How do you avoid an over-filled face?

Patients should have a careful consultation and express what improvement they are looking for. Our injectors sit with each patient to see if what the patient wants is actually what would be the best for their face. Not all patients need the same treatment. Customized plans to achieve the goals of our patients are key to getting the best natural look and not over-filled.

Lip fillersPhoto Credit: Enlighten MDHB: What’s your approach to treating patients who have an overfilled face?

Our approach is simple, If a patient has an over-filled look, we decide if dissolving the product is necessary. Not all fillers can be dissolved. It is not always necessary to dissolve and "start over" but in some cases, this leads to the best outcome. If so, we proceed with injecting appropriately for a more natural look.

HB: What is the outcome of using fillers?

While fillers can be very exciting because they offer instant gratification, we educate our patients that there are other procedures that can contribute to the outcome they are seeking. The aging process is complex. Factors such as skin laxity and texture need to be addressed. These require additional procedures. We customize a plan for our patients that include other modalities than just fillers. We find that the use of other devices can enhance the result of fillers and keep the face looking natural.

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