Get To Know Smile Expert Dr. Husam Almunajed

Dr. Husam Almunajed completed many continuing education programs from distinguished clinicians in the profession. In addition to maintaining his private practice, Dr. Almunajed holds a Clinical Instructor position at New York University School of Dental Medicine’s premier Aesthetic Advantage Program. A former student of Aesthetic Advantage, Dr. Almunajed progressed through all levels and achieved the Masters' level multiple times before being asked to be part of the faculty. Get to know Dr. Almunajed, Haute Beauty Network smile expert representing the New York market.

Dr. AlmunajedPhoto Credit: Dr. Husam AlmunajedMy greatest achievement:

It’s simple: doing what you love. As much as possible. Whether that's raising a family or running a business, finding what truly gets you excited, and doing it with excellence and all your heart is a success. Even if it’s scary.

The future of my field is:

The future of dentistry is bright. Just now, with the pandemic, and hard times we are in, it's especially hard not only for the healthcare field but everyone has been affected. I think we’re really in a need of a new stimulus, new information that isn’t negative- that is something artful, that captures our imagination for a period of time, that is a stimulus outside of ourselves.

The biggest misconception about my field is:

That a visit to your dentist is the most dreaded appointment to have. Dentistry has evolved past filling cavities and curing diseases. Today, it’s all about the quality of life and ensuring overall great health and happiness.

My most requested procedures are:

Whitening procedures are extremely high now, as people want a quick fix, especially for looking good from working at home, zoom meetings, and virtual business meetings. Whitening is great, as it opens up a whole new discussion on upgrading your smile.

Surgical advancements I am most excited about:

Dental implants continue to get better each day, as they do wonders for missing teeth, and should be used when possible instead of the previously used dental bridges. The more conservative dental treatment we can give, the better results we will have.

What are you best known for?

I think it’s our ability to respond to someone’s aspirations. When you have that ability, and when you meet a client that trusts you enough, it’s inspiring.

My most memorable patient reaction:

When we finish a big case, and the patient gets a glimpse of their new smile for the first time. Especially in cases of accidents, or patients with histories of trauma or a tough background, a new smile gives hope to a new and better future, and it's life-changing. We have tissues available.

What sets my practice apart:

Customized care—from the minute you step foot in my practice, my staff and I provide each patient with care tailored to their individual needs

What I love most about my profession is:

The relationships I have with my patients. We spend time and get to know everyone. We treat everyone like they are family members, and it makes coming to work very enjoyable.

Career-defining procedure?

I don’t think there is a procedure that is career-defining. I think it’s why I started our own practice from scratch. We started our practice with the intention of creating something that I didn’t believe existed yet. I really wanted to focus on the patient experience. Have patients feel listened to, creating a warm environment where patients can trust us and know that we are providing care that was in their best interest. Everyone is treated like a loved family member. Everyone.

New services I am excited to offer:

It's designing smiles now based on the person's personality. There is a reason why some smiles work on one person, but don’t work on another person. There is that charm, that something that makes that smile just work. Nonetheless, because a smile is personal, we understand the art form in creating new smiles, but also the beauty of emotions, sense of identity, and the unique behaviors that result in making custom smiles that define your personal style, personality, and character. Each unique smile is a harmonious dialog between your face, personality, needs, and desires.

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