Tetri’s Smile: Dentistry Digitally Reimagined

Dr. Baruch TetriPhoto Credit: Sergey Yusin

In every aspect of life, digital technology has transformed what we do and how we do it for the better.  Dentistry has benefited dramatically, and nowhere is its impact seen more clearly than at Baruch Tetri’s Dental Boutique Tetri’s Smile in Sunny Isles Beach.  Patients not only leave with the smile that changes their life, but their smile also reflects a truly new and higher standard of what a dental experience should be. All thanks to a better experience powered by digital technology.

Technology Improving Everything We Do

Mind-boggling innovation enables doing what once took days and weeks now possible in hours or a day.  Plus, doing everything in-house rather than outsourcing it delivers a superior level of quality control. Consider just a partial list of the amazing technology and tools behind digitally aided dentistry redefining almost every aspect of how we deliver our state-of-the-art services.

Digital technology is seen virtually everywhere. CAD/CAM dentistry assists design, fabrication and more; 3D Printing expedites physical models as intra-oral scans streamline processes; from photography to surgery, patient records to patient education and the creation of temporaries and surgical plans, computers are streamlining and assisting everything.

Lasers, digital CT scanning, digital x-rays using direct sensors and indirect phosphor plates that propel new techniques for composing virtual and augmented realities, transformative electric and smart surgical implant handpieces and more. From matching shades, and building models for new appliances to more efficient delivery of crowns and veneers, have been enhanced with patients in mind.  Even anesthesia has been improved by The Wand that now carries it.

All combine in creating a superior experience. This is where Tetri’s Smile simply has no equal.

We’ve Redefined the Dental Experience.

Tetri's SmilePhoto Credit: Sergey Yusin

Comfort by rethinking processes from the very beginning. Patients now relax in chairs designed for people.  The methodology to create impressions is but one example of a better way.  No more sitting endlessly with a mouth full of silicone. We’ve replaced it with an intraoral scan delivering a virtual cast in minutes,  Every process has been examined and improved for patient comfort.

Speed means fewer visits and less time in the chair.  Getting a new tooth once meant waiting weeks for an off-site, out-sourced technician to make a crown, veneers or an inlay.  At Tetri’s Smile a single restoration is done in a day, and the most complex prosthetics in just a few days.

Accuracy gives patients the comfort and peace-of-mind of getting it right in less time.  Manual labor has been replaced with digital equipment that minimizes distortion so that patients receive precisely what the doctor planned. Superior Aesthetics for not just better results, but for superior satisfaction from restorations that are virtually indistinguishable from your teeth.

Pricing is also refreshingly different.  Digital restorations at Tetri’s Smile don’t cost more than conventional dental services, they simply deliver more. And to ensure you’re as comfortable with our pricing and procedures,  Intra-oral cameras and 3D printers offer a Smile Test Drive so our patients can see what their smile will look like before ever beginning treatment.

 Most Important is What Hasn’t Changed.

Every day for every patient our goal is the same:  The dental experience you deserve; greater comfort in less time at a fair price improving your life and putting a beautiful smile on your face.