Testosterone For Women: Essential For A Healthy Mind And Body

As the CEO and Founder of the fastest growing and premier Anti-Aging clinic in Miami Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami, Brian Burk leads an elite team of medical experts and health executives, helping their clients ‘Rewind’ their health, hormones, and energy levels back to a time when they felt and looked much healthier. Haute Beauty Anti-Aging Expert Brian Burk, CEO, and Founder of Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami dishes on how testosterone for women can be extremely beneficial in keeping their hormones balanced.

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Women are always looking for a way to look better in a bikini; and in Miami, we are constantly in social settings that require a "relaxed" dress code. Whether it would be in yacht parties, pool parties, or even at the golf course, most women will try to appear more toned in their legs and arms.

If you are a woman and you are looking for ways to build more lean mass and to lose unwanted body fat, you might want to get your hormones checked. Because even the smaller deficiency can create havoc in your system and impact your ability to lose weight.

In that respect, it has been proven that a healthy level of testosterone in women can positively impact their lean body mass, energy levels, sex drive, muscle strength, and other important bodily functions that are crucial to maintaining an optimal weight and a healthy mind.

Of course, when most people hear the word "testosterone" they immediately think about masculine characteristics. However, women also produce testosterone in smaller quantities. Testosterone in women is naturally produced in the female adrenal glands and ovaries. And just like on men, the production of this hormone can be impacted by aging.

As a woman ages, her body becomes less effective at producing vital hormones. Some of these hormones can fall to unhealthy levels creating a hormone imbalance in the female body. Menopause, adrenal fatigue, and other hormone syndromes are all characterized and caused by improper hormone levels. Female hormones must stay in perfect hormonal balance in order for the body to function optimally.

If you are a woman and are experiencing the symptoms of a deficiency you might want to get your levels checked through a complete hormone panel, in order to confirm a proper diagnosis. Symptoms of a significant deficiency include fatigue, sleep disturbances, weight gain, muscle weakness, sluggishness, irregular menstrual cycles, fertility issues, vaginal dryness, loss of bone density, reduced sex drive, or decreased sexual satisfaction.

testosteronePhoto Credit: Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami/ShutterstockHistorically, these symptoms were regarded as normal signs of aging and were considered inevitable and untreatable. However, understanding the importance and function of the female hormone balance and harmony has led to the development of modern Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women (BHRT) uses hormones that are identical, on a molecular level, to the natural hormones occurring in your body. The goal is to supplement low hormone levels and to restore the critical hormone balance in the system.

At Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami, we treat women with hormonal deficiencies. Our main strategy is to study their lifestyle and habits in order to come up with a holistic plan that will allow them to regain their vitality and energy from decades prior.

If our female clients are in need of replacing hormones that are deficient, we normally address it with the use of prescription compounds from a certified pharmacy. Most pharmacies that dispense compounded prescriptions for women offer the use of a device called Topi-Click®, which is a smart, effective topical applicator designed to dispense and apply compounded gel. This device has a patented wheel technology as a base. The gel is expressed through the top of the device by turning the bottom wheel as one hears one click. Your prescription label or your physician will dictate how many clicks are necessary.

Not everyone applies the cream to the same areas, so make sure you follow the instructions, but in general, gels are topically applied to inner thighs or inner arms. It is also recommended to apply the gels after the patient takes a bath or shower in the morning in order to avoid transference to the partner or children.

At Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami, we know that you may be suffering from hormone deficiency or female hormone imbalance. If you have questions about getting your levels checked you can contact us for a free consultation with one of our health experts.

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