Non-Surgical Facelift Options To Naturally Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Dr. Raheleh Sarbaziha, Dr. Rahi for short, has been reimagining the realms of integrative medicine and aesthetic beauty, bringing a unique perspective and approach. Armed with her qualifications from Ross University School of Medicine and the University of Toronto, Dr. Rahi ventured out to share her knowledge of the human body with the nation and world. With a fellowship in Integrative Medicine Dr. Rahi, today specializes in helping her patients look and feel more confident. Each tailored “body blueprint” is designed to help Dr. Rahi’s patients prevent disease, combat the visible signs of aging, and enjoy overall improved health and strength. Haute beauty discusses with Dr. Rahi the ingenious options for non-surgical facelifts that naturally rejuvenate your appearance.

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HB: What options do you offer for non-surgical facelifts?

My two favorite options at the moment are PDO thread facelifts and Morpheus 8 - the thing I love about aesthetic medicine is that it is constantly evolving and allowing doctors to use the most innovative technologies.

HB: How do they work?

PDO threads and Morpheus 8 help stimulate collagen production in the areas treated - usually, the face and neck for most people although it's common to perform these procedures on other parts of the body such as the abdomen, arms, and legs.

PDO threads work by creating a significant lift in the area the PDO threads are placed - there are different types of threads to each creating a different result but overall with PDO threads you can expect a naturally rejuvenated appearance.

Morpheus 8 works very similar to the threads but requires less downtime and at least three sessions to see a significant change - Morpheus 8 harnesses the power of radiofrequency and microneedling in one - I like to call it microneedling "on crack." I think aesthetics should be made a priority as focusing on skin health is focusing on overall health - combination therapy is always the best approach.

HB: Who is the best candidate for each?

PDO threads require 2-4 weeks of minimizing facial expressions and 2-3 weeks of swelling - although the majority of the swelling is gone for most people by the first week. Both do require various forms of anesthesia and it's important to do a personalized consult to see what form of anesthesia - whether oral, inhaled, injection, and/or topical would be the best option for you.

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HB: What is the cost?

Pricing varies per area and the number of threads used - but you can expect something in the area of $1000-5000. Morpheus 8 is $1000 per session and we offer a package of 3 or more for 15% off!

HB: What is recovery like?

Post-care for all procedures is just as important as the procedure itself and one should be diligent in ensuring that you follow all post-care guidelines.

For the PDO threads - you should really minimize all facial expressions for 2-4 weeks and can expect swelling up to 2 weeks.For Morpheus, you can expect redness, dryness for up to 2 weeks post-procedure and again post-care is essential for optimal results!

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