Get To Know The Benefits Of Antioxidants With Dr. Christine Bishara

Dr. Christine Bishara offers a personalized practice. The most popular procedure varies from patient to patient. What distinguishes Dr. Christine Bishara's practice from others however is the combination of synergistic internal and external treatments which she believes maximize the treatment received. For example, one of her most popular combinations is an IV Glutathione injection coupled with a micro-needling facial treatment. By adding Glutathione, a powerful and natural anti-oxidant, we are potentiating the benefits one would receive from the facial treatment alone to achieve maximum results. Each combination treatment is carefully selected based on the science behind the mechanism of action.

Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Christine Bishara to talk about antioxidant scanner skin treatments:

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We are now starting to realize how important our immune system is for our overall health. This has become increasingly evident in the current COVID pandemic. Antioxidants are vital to our immunity and many times are accurate indicators of our overall health.

HB: What is the Antioxidant Skin Scanner and what does it work to address?

The Biophotonic anti-oxidant skin scanner is a small, noninvasive device that detects the level of carotenoids in your skin. It is completely safe as it detects the level of the carotenoid pigments present in the fruits and vegetables you consume. The great thing is that it’s done on the spot and patients can know their levels in less than twenty seconds. Carotenoids act as potent antioxidants in our bodies. Many people may think they’re living a healthy lifestyle, but they don’t have any tangible markers of anti-oxidant levels. The scanner provides these markers which can then help us to improve our lifestyle and diet as needed. In a way, it’s a lie detector for our health.

HB: Walk us through the treatment:

To fully understand why anti-oxidants are so important, we first have to understand the mechanism of oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules that circulate in our bodies with an uneven number of electrons. They are produced from alcohol, smoking, environmental toxins, as well as diets high in fried or sugary foods.

Simply put, this uneven number of electrons causes free radicals to more easily react with other molecules, thus interfering with important chemical reactions that are constantly going on in our bodies. Enter anti-oxidants. They act as “donors” by donating electrons to the free radicals floating around to make them “even’ and less reactive. What happens if we don’t have enough anti-oxidants? The unstable reactions from the free radicals lead to damage of cells.

HB: What type of patient makes a good candidate?

Everyone wanting to improve their health is a good candidate. As part of my wellness and weight loss consultations, in addition to performing a thorough medical and nutritional analysis, I check anti-oxidant levels. I find that the majority of people have sub-minimal levels. Checking levels provides patients with tangible markers that allows them to set goals to improve their levels from day one.

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HB: What happens after patients know their levels?

I am a big believer that knowledge empowers people to make changes. I cannot force anyone to improve their health or lose weight, however, I find that when we are given the knowledge and  tools to improve our health, we are then empowered to make lifestyle changes. We are all different and have different nutritional needs. I provide a customized formula of nutritional guidance, supplementation and lifestyle modifications to help patients not only feel their best, but increase their anti-oxidant levels.

We continue to check levels every 6 weeks until optimal levels are achieved.

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