Dr. Stark Is Taking Liposuction Results To The Next Level With Vaser Lipo

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Ran Stark, M.D., a Philadelphia area native, is a plastic surgeon practicing locally. He is double board-certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He completed over 10 years of training after graduating from medical school prior to starting his practice. A fresh face on the scene, Dr. Stark brings a new perspective to patients in the area. He has been trained by the world’s best face and body surgeons and uses modern cutting edge techniques to perform facelifts, rhinoplasties, breast surgery, abdominoplasties, liposuction, and body contouring. In addition, he has become an expert in skincare and non-surgical corrective techniques such as lasers, and injectables.

Liposuction is no longer a means to just slim down. High-Def Liposuction using Vaser Lipo helps Dr. Ran Stark more accurately remove fat and chisel the appearance of toned abs and muscle for a complete body transformation. Haute Beauty sits down with the Pennsylvania-based plastic surgeon to learn more about High-Definition Liposuction using VASER.

HB: What is Vaser Lipo?

The VASER is an ultrasound-assisted liposuction device. You use it to help break up the fat and kind of pulverize it, I would say, but it doesn’t really pulverize because it's still viable so you can still use it for fat grafting afterward.  So it's part of the separation process… Utilizing the ultrasound makes the liposuction a lot easier and a lot less traumatic to the patient. In the second stage, you come in with your power-assisted liposuction and the fat comes out very easily, almost like I call it pudding when I'm in the operating room… because of that, you're able to really define the body and that's something that's more popular right now, high-definition liposuction.

HB: Who is a good candidate?

It really depends on the patient. What are our goals? What are we going for? I often do liposuction on people that work out every day, women that have a little bit of stubborn fat that want to be more defined. By shaping their flanks and back, they get a much better silhouette and better body contouring.

HB: What is recovery like?

Patients usually have pain for the first 5 days, but it's controlled with medication. Depending on their bruising they get back to work after 5 to 7 days. They can start exercising after 4 weeks, increasing the heart rate over 100 bpm. You have to wear a garment and sometimes I put another foam underneath the garment to help equalize the pressure to get better results. I do ask patients to wear that for 4 weeks as well. We also have them see a lymphatic massage specialist to help with the swelling. I always tell people it’s 50% of what I do, but it’s also 50% of what you do after, because if you're not going to keep up with it, the results are not going to be as good as we want them to be. If you work hard at it, the results are just going to be amazing. I’ve seen that over and over again.
Vaser LipoPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Shutterstock

HB: How much does it cost?

 It depends, the cost is based on how many areas we are lipo-ing and if you are fat grafting the butt. It’s around, anywhere between $8,000 to $12,000, just for the surgeon’s fee plus the O.R. and anesthesia, but usually, I don’t like putting prices because it varies so much.

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