Breast Reconstruction Virtual Consults At PRMA Plastic Surgery

Breast Reconstruction is the last worry on women's minds during this time of global crisis. It seems almost out of reach with offices closed and appointments difficult to attain. Plastic Surgery centers are providing patients with new and ingenuitive ways to seek and to learn more about their breast reconstruction options, as a way to consult with board-certified plastic surgeons from the safety of their homes.  

Haute Beauty chats with PRMA Plastic Surgery to learn more about restoring breast sensation and reconstruction.

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The internationally recognized breast center, PRMA Plastic Surgery, wants to ensure individuals seeking breast reconstruction do not feel that they have been abandoned or left behind during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Although many reconstructive procedures are currently being postponed, learning all your breast reconstruction options and determining the best choice for your betterment is still possible. Planning ahead now ensures you will be well prepared for your reconstructive surgery once surgery scheduling returns to normal.

PRMA Plastic Surgery is offering virtual consultations with their board-certified plastic surgeons via telehealth technologies. Patients can receive personalized recommendations from the safety and comfort of their homes regardless of where they will ultimately choose to have their surgery. The practice understands this “in-between” time for patients waiting on breast reconstruction can be overwhelming and they want to do what they can to provide comfort and clarity during this crisis.

Breast ReconstructionPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Shutterstock

During these exceptionally difficult times, you still have the opportunity to get all the information you need to make a fully educated decision. The surgeons and staff at PRMA are available to answer your breast reconstruction questions, present you with all your reconstruction possibilities and options to provide you with their surgical recommendations.

To schedule a virtual consultation please fill out their virtual consultation form HERE, or call our office at 800-692-5565.

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