Vivaer Is The Newest Non-Surgical Way To Improve Your Airways

Editors note: Jay Young, MD is a board-certified surgeon specializing in the nose and sinuses. His expertise includes facial plastic surgery such that he can treat medical and cosmetic conditions related to the nose and face. Dr. Jay Young offers patients a boutique patient experience where you are treated like a VIP. He actively aims to provide a combination of the most modern technological advances in a caring and nurturing environment.

Haute MD expert Dr. Jay Young tells us more about Vivaer, a device used to improve the nasal airway.

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Millions of people suffer from nasal airway obstruction, which makes it difficult to breathe through the nose. Symptoms may include snoring, congestion, stuffiness, and sleep disturbances.  Some may even have physical activity restrictions with trouble breathing through the nose during exercise or exertion.

Home remedies, including external breathing strips, internal nasal dilators, and sprays have been tried but home remedies typically do not completely alleviate the problem. Furthermore, they usually do not offer lasting relief from symptoms. In the “new normal” facemasks have become more common further exacerbating nasal obstructive breathing.

For patients seeking a long-term solution, options have included surgery such as septoplasty/rhinoplasty in a hospital or outpatient setting. Some patients have even had variations of the above procedures but still have obstructive breathing. Now there is a one-time treatment, performed in the office,  that can open the nasal passages and restore free breathing.

Vivaer is an innovative device utilizing radiofrequency (RF) energy to improve the nasal airway by gently reshaping nasal tissues so that patients can breathe better.  The underlying network of collagen and elastin fibers provides scaffolding for the lining of the nasal airway. This determines its degree of firmness and elasticity. RF generated heating has been shown to induce tissue tightening through effects on this fiber network. When collagen fibers are heated, some cross-links occur causing them to unwind and assume a new, more contracted shape to improve airflow.  Vivaer uses radiofrequency energy to precisely and gently warm targeted nasal tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Dr. Jay YoungPhoto Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr. Jay Young

The non-surgical and low-temperature nature of the VIVAER Nasal Airway Remodeling device and procedure avoids many of the inherent risks associated with traditional nasal valve surgery while producing significant and durable improvement in nasal obstruction.

While results can vary, patients reported improvements in their well-being and quality of life after the VIVAER procedure.

  • 94% patient responder rate to treatment
  • 83% report rarely having sore throats
  • 77% report rarely having sinus infections
  • 72% use nasal sprays less frequently
  • 64% take oral medications (antihistamines, decongestants) less frequently
  • After the procedure, there is a little congestion for a few days but most patients report little to no pain.

For congestion and snoring, patients do not have to rely solely on nasal sprays, breathing strips, and surgery. Rather, they can consider Vivaer as a viable in-office treatment with little discomfort and downtime. Most insurances cover the procedure however self-pay options are available.  Amongst the first in South Florida to provide this minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Young is pleased to offer consults to see if Vivaer may be an option for you. 

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