KULCBD’s Online Self-Care And Kindness Retreat


While we are spending more time at home, it is more important now than ever to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Thanks to technology, we have tools in place to keep ourselves healthy and positive. With the help of social media, KULCBD is launching a social media campaign called the "KULCBD In-Home Self Care & Kindness Retreat" in partnership with Ohana One.

KULCBD is inviting users to join them for a four-day social media event to help share positive and important messages of self-care, kindness, and wellness, to amplify simple acts of kindness as a reminder that we are all in this together. With each social media post, KULCBD will send clean drinking water to support the patients and healthcare professionals as the Federal Government Army Corps of Engineers work to assist local communities in building “pop-up” hospitals around the country.

The "KULCBD In-Home Self Care & Kindness Retreat" is a social media retreat to encourage posts that spread a message of kindness and positivity. Over the four days, people can join in by posting a photo or video that ties into the message and theme of the day. Every post gives 1 liter of water to patients, doctors, and nurses on the frontlines. KULCBD has decided to partner with​ ​Ohana One​ who is working hard to get the right supplies and equipment into the hands of our healthcare heroes. KULCBD's goal is to send 10,000 liters of water to caregivers and responders on the front lines. The daily themes are:


Day 1 - KUL MIND - by nurturing our souls and ensuring positive mental health with more time for self-reflection
Day 2 - KUL FACE - reinforcing the importance of healthy habits and self-care.
Day 3 - KUL BODY - ensuring you are staying fit indoors and inspiring others to do the
Day 4 - ACT KUL - KUL Kindness - by spreading a message of paying it forward to help
others in need; write a note to your healthcare worker and tag them on social media

How To Participate:
On Wednesday, April 15th, follow @KULCBD on Instagram and check out the themes for each day of the retreat so you can prepare and pre-think your posts and messages. Then starting Thursday, April 16th, make a daily post to your Instagram story or main page to show your photo of the day and message, and be sure to tag in the caption @KULCBD #KULkindness - and that's it! Just one post will send a liter of free drinking water to the “pop-up” hospitals being built around the country, but if you follow along for all four days then you will be an all-star contributor sending 4 liters of water and possibly snag yourself a luxury skincare gift too!

For the participants who join all four days of the retreat and send the most water, KULCBD will reward them with one of their signature GLOW Kits, a $400 box of luxury skincare products. They have 10 of these kits to reward the people who post the most, with an additional 50 KULCBD products for others who make significant contributions with high follower engagement.