Get To Know Addiction Expert Dr. Bankole Johnson

Dr. Bankole JohnsonPhoto Credit: Andrea Màtè

My greatest achievement:

Developing a personalized medicine approach to the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Demonstrating the efficacy of the most effective and widely used medicine in the USA for the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Numerous national awards. Being part of a group that won 2 special Emmy Awards for the HBO documentary: Addiction seen by over 30 million people

Most requested procedures:

Treatment of addiction. Wellness products and services for those wishing to optimize brain health.

Most memorable patient reaction:

Relief after 20 years of suffering from addiction to be free at last and being able to make choices. empowerment of a group of young women who wrote a small book - my way out - about how my methods helped them.

What new services you are excited to offer?

Complete brain, health and wellness optimization.

Future of my field:

Towards optimizing the individual.

The biggest misconception about my field:

The treatment for addiction is poor and/or can be handled by non-specialists

What are you best known for?

Award-winning scientist and doctor. One of the best doctors in America.

What sets my practice apart:

The individual comes first and the treatment is dedicated specifically to him or her in a beautifully appointed environment

Career defining procedure:

Demonstrating that certain genes control our propensity to over-indulge in every way be it alcohol, drugs, over-eating, sexual habit.