Can Wellness Save Us From COVID-19?

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The last few weeks our lives were completely shattered by the Coronavirus news and our new norm became work from home, schools at home, virtual meetings and social distance. This new reality created a new world that we never experienced, and we never thought will ever live in.

In peacetime, we all focus on health, wellness, Proper diet, exercise, plastic surgery etc.… In the time of war, especially against an invisible enemy, health and wellness could not be more important.  Health is a status of physical, mental and psychological well-being. In these stressful times, the biggest focus we should all have is how to stay healthy. Staying healthy today means avoiding uncomfortable symptoms, quarantines, hospital admissions with potential complications. Staying healthy also means that we will not infect others, that we will not utilize the healthcare system which would leave the hospital available for others with medical problems. It also means we can stay productive; our jobs and families would be protected even in a time of a “stay at home” order.

In these difficult times, both health and well-being are challenged not only by the virus transmission situation but also by the economic, social and personal sequela. It is easy to get burned out, stressed and eventually sick.

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At Newport Plastic we developed a multistage approach to make sure that our patient well-being is not affected by the current crisis. In the end, what will determine the final outcome is the immune status of every person and how well they follow the strict instructions of hand sanitizing, social distancing, and quarantining if sick. The relationship between our immune system, well-being and diseases are well established. In this case, it will make the difference between life and death.

Our Multistage mind and body approach revolves around the following points:

  1. Facts: Nothing is stronger than knowing the hard facts. The fact is that most people will be FINE. Even people who test positive will end up recovering. Only a small fraction will get really sick and will require intensive care management.
  2. Avoiding the problem: Knowing ways to protect against the virus is key. CDC recommendation of Handwashing, sanitizers, social distancing, enhancing our immune system is our first and last line of defense. Follow the CDC and the WHO recommendations. I would add one extra advice wear a mask if you are in an area with many people. Social distancing works but in a busy supermarket, it is hard to keep 6 feet distance. Do not use the N95 masks keep these for the healthcare providers. They need them!
  3. Avoid financial stress by sticking to the fact that eventually the virus will be defeated, life will be back to normal. The experience from China and South Korea showed that flattening the curve could happen in weeks and not months. Using the available support from the government will help individuals and businesses to survive and eventually recover.
  4.  On an individual level maintaining a balanced diet, enough sleep, vitamins C, D and zinc are key elements in enhancing our immune system. It is the most important step that anyone of us could do to prevent viral transmission.
  5. On a community level, the virus can only live and multiply through us. Left with no place to go, the virus will eventually die and the pandemic ends. Between immunity, social distancing, sanitizing, isolating the symptomatic people we can win this war.

Big challenges eventually change people and usually for the best. The reality of the matter is that eventually, life will win. We will overcome the pandemic, like other countries did. We will likely emerge stronger, more resilient, and more focused on what really matters in life like family, health and peace.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

-Hisham Seify MD, PhD, FACSBoard Certified Plastic Surgeon


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