How To Achieve Fuller Lips Through An Elelyft Lip Lift

Dr. Gary Linkov is a dual Ivy League educated facial plastic surgeon. A native of New York, he graduated as salutatorian from Cornell University with a focus on psychology. Before, during, and after his undergraduate years, Dr. Linkov pursued advanced art training in painting, sketching, and sculpture, including a six-week scholarship program in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Italian International Institute. He then received his Medical Degree at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Haute Beauty chats with Dr. Linkov to learn more about his Elelyft lip lift procedure. 

Lip Lift 14 front mouth openPhoto Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr. Linkov

HB: What is an Elelyft lip lift?

A type of upper lip lift that raises the upper red lip, making it more full, while reducing the length of the philtrum and exposes more of the upper teeth. 

HB: How does an Elelyft lip lift work?

A cut is made at the base of the nose and a carefully measured portion of skin is removed. A flap is created and then sutured back to the base of the nose, hiding the scar. Special markings are made before the start of the procedure to allow for accurate closure at the end of the procedure. 

HB: Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

Someone with a long philtrum, a thin upper lip, and no upper dental show with mouth slightly open. Also, the base of the nose has certain characteristics that make it more amenable to hiding the incision and withstanding the downward pull of gravity during the healing phase.

lip lift surgeryPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

HB: How does this treatment compare to others of the same nature?

The Elelyft lip lift is specially designed to be more accurate and more long-lasting with less noticeable scarring than other procedures available. Compared to fillers, it is a more durable and natural appearance that does not result in a "duck" appearance.

HB: What does recovery look like?

Bruising and swelling are mostly resolved at 1 week. The sutures are removed at day 5-6 and antibiotic ointment is applied for the first 10-12 days. Then scar gel is used for 3 months along with sun protection to allow for optimal healing of the lip lift scar.


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