Get To Know Body Expert Dr. Salas

Dr. Salas Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr. Salas

My greatest achievement:

 Family, both at home and at work; I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful baby girls, I am very close to my parents and my two sisters, and I enjoy the extended family I have created with all my patients. Seeing the level of comfort my patients feel in coming to our office, interacting with everyone at our practice and witnessing the true joy in laughter, sharing stories, and the genuine smiles makes me feel truly blessed to be doing what I do. I am humbled that each one of my patients chose me to guide them on this aesthetic journey to achieve their goals. Managing to fulfill their wishes daily is my ongoing greatest achievement. I get to do what I love. 

Future of my field is: 

 Exciting in that the hush-hush attitude of the past towards plastic surgery and caring about your looks is now transitioning to being accepted and even being embraced as part of one’s happiness. Some would even say it has become mainstream as more and more people are open to being happy about themselves, not worrying about what others think but instead, embracing self-love. People are feeling the freedom of doing what they want to help themselves reach their happiness, even if it is a bit of plastic surgery or perhaps even an injectable or other non-invasive treatment or tweak.

The coolest part is that it’s a wonderful time for plastic surgery and aesthetics as there are numerous advancements that can help either achieve those desired goals and/or enhance our overall plastic surgery results. 

Biggest misconception about my field is:

Anyone can just take a weekend course or a few months of training and do it.

It takes talent (thanks mom and dad!) for example being able to visualize in 3-D, extrapolate a patients’ words into reality, hand-eye coordination, etc. It takes years of training in a proper surgical residency and specialty fellowship to hone those talents into the skills that allow us, as plastic surgeons, to truly help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals.  

My most requested procedures are:

WOMEN: mommy makeover (combining tummy tuck with a breast lift +\- implants in one surgery), BBL’s (liposuction with fat transfer to buttocks), breast augmentation.

MEN: liposuction, gynecomastia removal.

BOTH: injectables (fillers, Botox, etc.)

Most memorable patient reaction? 

 The good kind of crying. My patients finally seeing themselves as they always wanted to, having their outer beauty match their inner beauty. It is such a humbling experience every time. 

What sets my practice apart? 

 Being authentic and caring the most about my patients, their results, and all the details, both surgically and during their initial contact, until they become a part of the Salas Plastic Surgery family. I believe my patients are smart and can tell when someone is being genuine, or just saying what they’re supposed to say. So, when they meet me and my team, it just clicks, we really are the ones they want in their corner to help them achieve their goals. 

What I love most about my profession? 

The ability to make people happy. I feel such gratitude having the ability to help people achieve their goals for both face and body, surgically and in minimally invasive ways, to reach that place where we get the result they wanted and they are overjoyed; being a part of that, there’s just nothing like it. 

Career defining procedure.

 Mommy Makeover, the ability to restore a mother’s pre-baby body in a single surgery is just awesome for all parties involved. For me, being recognized for doing it particularly well has helped define my career, at least up to now. 

What new services are you excited to offer?  

 Anything new that has legitimate scientific evidence is what I love to offer my patients.

Procedures such as the Sciton BBL Fotofacial and Dermal Infusion hydrafacial have been very welcome treatment options for my patients, especially in the hands of someone with Masters level training so you can obtain better results which makes everyone happy! 

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