How TruSculpt FLEX Helps You Gain Up To 30% More Muscle

Haute Beauty chats with Dr. Tali Arviv about TruSculpt FLEX, one of the newest tools used to build muscle and burn fat. 

TRUSculpt FlexPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

HB: How does TruSculpt Flex work?

Using electrical current the device is able to stimulate muscle fibers to contract building up to 30% more muscle mass within 4 sessions. 

HB: Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

Anyone who is interested in toning the body, usually works great for buttocks and abdominal muscles for patients who already work out but want more definition. 

HB: How does this treatment compare to others of the same nature?

The only other device that stimulated muscles is Emsulpt however it uses electromagnetic waves restricting the level of muscle stimulation and contraction which is greater with electrical stimulation and you as you build muscle you can increase the intensity. In addition, it causes the muscle to contract in different directions and even has different modes to use on patients that don’t exercise and allow them to prep the muscles. 

HB: What does recovery look like?

There is absolutely NO recovery time. 

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