Revision Rhinoplasty: Here’s What You Need To Know About Getting A Second Nose Job

revision rhinoplastyPhoto Credit: Dr. Gary Linkov

Dr. Gary Linkov is a dual Ivy League-educated facial plastic surgeon. A native of New York, he graduated as salutatorian from Cornell University with a focus on psychology. Before, during, and after his undergraduate years, Dr. Linkov pursued advanced art training in painting, sketching, and sculpture, including a six-week scholarship program in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Italian International Institute. Dr. Gary Linkov goes in-depth with Haute Beauty about his approach to a Revision Rhinoplasty.

HB: What is a Revision Rhinoplasty?

A Revision Rhinoplasty is a surgical nose procedure that revises or corrects a previous surgery. Some people are immediately unhappy with results after their original rhinoplasty and others see unfavorable changes that develop slowly over time. Either way, a revision rhinoplasty can help achieve the original goals of the patient, whether that be straightening the nose, improving the bridge, defining the tip, or adding more structural support for better breathing. 

HB: Typically, what are the most common issues addressed in a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Common cosmetic concerns include a dorsal hump, wide nose, sunken nose, irregularities, and asymmetries. Functional concerns include difficulty breathing through the nose, which can and should be addressed at the same time as your revision rhinoplasty.

Revision Nose JobPhoto Credit: Dr. Gary Linkov

HB: What is different about the procedure the following time?

In a Revision Rhinoplasty, cartilage from your septum may have been depleted and therefore often an alternative source of cartilage is needed, such as from the ear. This is just one of the important differences between primary and Revision Rhinoplasty that need to be discussed in detail before you decide to proceed with surgery. Another major factor is the presence of scar tissue during the revision rhinoplasty which makes it more challenging to perform. 

HB: Does recovery time differ between a Rhinoplasty and a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Yes. A Revision Rhinoplasty usually involves a longer recovery time due to increased swelling, especially of the nasal tip. 

HB: What’s one of the most important things a patient should know when seeking a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Results can be less predictable with a Revision Rhinoplasty compared to a primary Rhinoplasty since there is typically less material to work with, more scar tissue, and longer recovery times.