Is Your Brain Performing at Its Peak Potential?

Dr. Lisbeth RoyPhoto Credit: Nicholas Pineiro

Haute MD sits down with Lisbeth Roy, D.O., founder of Doctors Studio, to discuss her targeted treatment that helps patients achieve optimal brain function.

Lisbeth Roy, D.O. is the founder of Doctors Studio a unique medical practice located in Boca Raton, Fla., offering the most advanced nonsurgical techniques for optimal wellness, performance, pelvic health, prostate health and sexual wellness. She is a respected authority on male and female sexual health as she practices a true functional approach to diagnosis and treatment of the root causes, thus solving the problems and reversing symptoms using sound approaches and exciting regenerative medicine tools.

Her approach to medicine takes root in the reasons she became a doctor—she’s always willing to tackle problems and seek answers at the very heart of the matter. She is trained in functional, anti-aging and regenerative medicine with a special passion for helping men and women recover pelvic health, sexual function, sexual satisfaction and optimal wellness.

Haute MD goes in-depth with Dr. Roy on her targeted treatment, Clarity Direct, which allows her to “retrain” the brain to stop functioning in imbalanced patterns.

Dr. Lisbeth Roy PracticePhoto Credit: Nicholas Pineiro

Haute MD: What do you consider optimal brain function?

The brainwave patterns are synchronized and move in fluid patterns. These brainwaves display optimal, continuous brain function. Organized waves equal organized thought, better concentration, improved mood and memory.

Haute MD: What are the dysfunctional patterns that the brain creates?

Dysfunctional brainwave patterns can result from stress, trauma, toxicity and inflammation; the brainwaves become rigid and stuck. Dysfunctional brainwave patterns are linked to symptoms of anxiety, panic, Attention Deficit Disorder and much more.

Haute MD: What are the functional patterns that the brain should have?

There are various functional patterns of the brain. But there are four major categories of brainwaves:

  • Beta Waves: characteristic of a highly engaged mind
  • Alpha Waves: a resting or meditative state
  • Theta Waves: a daydream and creative state
  • Delta Waves: a dreamless sleep

Haute MD: What is Direct Neurofeedback and how does it work to restore optimal brain function?

Direct Neurofeedback restores optimal brain function by sending a tiny imperceptible electromagnetic current to the brain. The current causes a slight fluctuation in brainwaves. This fluctuation allows the brain to reorganize itself and get out of stuck, imbalanced patterns. This concept is similar to rebooting a frozen computer.

Haute MD: Explain the research behind this method and what sparked your interest in using it to help patients obtain optimal wellness.


There are many research resources supporting that Direct Neurofeedback is a more efficient treatment when compared to traditional neurofeedback. This profound treatment protocol is noted to improve various neurological, behavioral and psychological disorders. Over the treatment period, a retraining of the brain occurs. There is no interaction from the client needed. The software does all the work.

Haute MD: Are multiple treatments involved?

Yes, multiple treatments are involved. However, within one to three sessions, a patient should start noticing significant benefits with improved sleep, greater sense of calm, better concentration, less anxiety and less depression. There is often a feeling of greater sense of well-being that occurs early on in the process.

Haute MD: To restore optimal brain function, is Clarity Direct used in conjunction with other treatments?

Clarity Direct is one of our top recommended treatments in Doctors Studio. Given that we try to address the unique health status of each member, in most cases Clarity Direct is part of a more comprehensive treatment program. We offer IV nutrient therapy, hormone optimization, nutritional programs, peptide therapy and other technologies to help our members live to their fullest potential at peak performance and optimal wellness.