Dr. Reyes-Bergano On How She Became An Aesthetic Medicine Expert

Dr. Rachel Reyes BerganoPhoto Credit: https://www.instagram.com/contempoaesthetics/

Why aesthetics?

I love the rapport you establish with patients towards building their elective goals. The innovation of how this field of medicine constantly changes is fascinating to me. The non-surgical options we are able to offer our patients is limitless these days.

How did you start?

I have worked in Dermatology and Aesthetics for the last 15 years, while I was in College at UC Irvine, even before I went off to medical school. I loved watching all the procedures and helping patients to build skincare regimens that actually work! While a medical student at Nova Southeastern University, I had the opportunity to work with a Plastic Surgeon in MIami who allowed me to assist in same day surgical cases. He instilled in me that the eye recognizes beauty not because of symmetry but because of balance and proportions. I would literally sit there in between cases looking at books & magazines studying faces.

How did you develop your style?

While I was doing my Family Medicine residency in downtown LA with a hospital affiliated with USC, I trained with one of my program's alumni, Dr Christine Ibrahim in Century City. She runs a more boutique type of Aesthetic medical practice where she really knows her patients well. I was fortunate to work with her and really figure out that within the Aesthetic realm, there are several ways you can set up your business. 
 My practice is run more like a concierge type of Medical Aesthetics practice that really caters to an elite group of individuals for the last 4+ years. I love my patients and helping them to stay youthful. I'm known for delivering results while still maintaining a conservate approach. My clientele looks for enhancements that make them look refreshed but they don't necessarily want people to know.


How does a woman's touch vary from a man's?

Prior to meeting Dr Christine, I had worked and shadowed mostly Male Physicians and although having an eye for beauty enhancements has no gender basis, I think "natural" can be interpreted differently from one individual to another. Women have a way of genuinely listening that somehow that relatability between a Female provider & patient (which majority are still female) translates to a finished product that is subtle but impactful. 

 What were your obstacles in becoming a successful woman in aesthetics today?

I've been fortunate to have opened up a successful practice pretty much after finishing residency however I will say that maintaining that success can be especially challenging when trying to achieve that work life balance as a mother to a 16 month old toddler! I find myself torn between work and wanting to spend more time with my little girl. 

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