Everything You Need To Know About Laser Treatments For Hyperpigmentation

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your skin due to dark spots, there are options beyond potentially dangerous creams. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Tali Arviv's goal at her luxury clinics is to improve problem areas while enhancing natural beauty, and she believes attention to detail and careful consideration of subtle nuances is the difference in what she provides. Dr. Tali Arviv specializes in medical aesthetics and has more than a decade of laser-technology experience. She explained to Haute Beauty all about the laser treatments for hyperpigmentation, how to maintain treatment results and how many sessions will give you desired results.

Haute Beauty: What is hyperpigmentation?

Dr. Tali Arviv: Hyperpigmentation is when areas on the skin are darker than the surrounding skin. The skin in these areas is darker because it is producing more skin pigment also known as melanin.

HB: Which treatment provides the longest-lasting results?

TA: Treatments that provide long-lasting results include laser treatments such as Pico Way Resolve, Fractional CO2 laser, Triniti Fotofacial, IPL as well as chemical peels will help remove existing pigment. 

HB: What are the best products to help extend treatment results?

TA: The best products to help extend treatment results include products such as Vitamin C and sunscreen maintain results and prevent new pigmentation. Sometimes hydroquinone, tretinoin or retinol may be recommended to improve results as well as maintain them.

HB: How many treatments are necessary to see a difference?

TA: With the various treatment options, it is best to undergo multiple sessions in order to get the best results. Results will vary based on the patient and the severity of the problem. Generally, with CO2 and IPL, the patient can expect to see about a 50-80% improvement with one treatment. With less aggressive/non-ablative treatments like the Pico Way Resolve and chemical peels, it is recommended that patients' do 3 treatments. With chemical peels for hyperpigmentation on the face, about 3-4 sessions will show desired results. With chemical peels for hyperpigmentation on the body, such as underarms and intimate areas, 5 treatments in combination with lightening products will improve skin color 30-80% depending on the area and patient's skin type. 

HB: Are treatments for hyperpigmentation safe?

TA: The above treatments for hyperpigmentation are considered to be safe if used correctly. With Hydroquinone, it is important the patient does not overuse as they can get ochronosis which is a paradoxical reaction that can turn the skin darker and potentially cause resistance, especially in melasma patients. Generally, we recommend that the patient only uses this product for 3 months and then give the skin a break for a few months before resuming use. It is extremely important to use sunscreen daily with all treatments and products.