Celebrity Nutritionist Philip Goglia Dishes On Keeping The Kardashians Fit Through G-Plans

Keeping celebrities fit and toned may seem like a difficult task, but not for celebrity nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia, who says it is easy through G-Plans, the first nutrition platform that creates meal plans based on a user's metabolic body type.

Dubbed the "nutritionist to the stars," Goglia has worked with A-list clients from Chris Hemsworth, Cara Delevingne and Brie Larson to Jai Courtney, Khloe Kardashian and Kanye West. He is also the featured nutritionist for Khloe Kardashian's "Revenge Body" on E! We caught up with him recently to discuss how he keeps celebrities motivated, his golden rule when it comes to fitness and his thoughts on cheat days.

Photo Credit: Dr. Philip Goglia

You have been working with numerous celebrities, including the Kardashian family, Chris Hemsworth, Kanye West and Chris Pratt. How are you able to tailor a fitness plan that keeps them motivated and makes them want to stick with it?

It's easy. This particular group of patients are highly motivated and are extremely coachable. They want results that are sustainable and are willing to make it happen. They all lead very athletic lifestyles and do not try to convince themselves that an apple pie is the same thing as an apple.

Is everyone entitled to a cheat day?

Clients think I’m joking when I say this, but cheating is an important part of my program. People give up when they feel like they are missing out on life. The freedom to cheat on occasion kept Khloe Kardashian content and motivated in a way that she’d never experienced before.

Tips on how to get the most out of your cheat meal?

1. Plan it out
Towards the middle of week, start planning out what you’re going to have for your cheat meal. If you know your friend is having a birthday dinner at a restaurant, plan accordingly so you know you will have your indulgences on that day. Or, if you are craving a pizza, tell yourself that you will get to have pizza on your cheat day. This way, you know you are not depriving yourself of your favorite foods, but holding off until another day.

2. Slow Down and Enjoy
It is not uncommon for us that once we get our hands on something we have been craving for it to be gone in seconds. Ever eat a chocolate chip cookie so fast, that you feel the need to have another to “really enjoy” it this time? When you sit down to eat your cheat meal, make sure you are free of distractions. This means no Instagram or Facebook scrolling. We don’t truly enjoy your food when your brain is focused on more tasks than at hand. Don’t you want to enjoy that slice of pizza or ice cream?

3. It’s a Cheat, Not a Binge
#1 Tip in making the most of your cheat meal is to do it smartly. Do not turn your cheat meal into an all day binge. It is very easy to turn one indulgence into a whole day or week of overeating. If you want a burger and fries for dinner then go for it, that’s fine. What is not okay is eating a burger and fries, having a few slices of pizza, a pint of ice cream, and a whole sleeve of cookies.

Sure, you can have a calorie-rich meal, but don’t stuff yourself to the point of feeling sick. Be mindful of your fullness. Stop when you feel satisfied.

Can’t Resist the Urge to Binge?
Plan out your cheat meal towards the end of the day, such as dinner. Beginning the day off with sweets or indulgent foods, may set you up to continue to eat more of those types of foods (who wants a salad after a brunch of french toast and mimosas?) making it easier to overeat on junk food, turning your cheat meal into a whole day event.

What is your golden rule when it comes to fitness?

Focus on your waist/dress size. Not your weight.

Most diets are all about reducing calorie intake to lose weight, but the real issue is people are eating inconsistently and often too little. Sure, in the short term you may see some results, but after a while you will rebound and end up in a worse dilemma than before. Your metabolism will actually become cooler and you use calories less effectively. You need to be eating enough calories in order to have a hot metabolism and burn fat effectively.

With NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson, you were able to help him cut his body fat by six percent. What was your secret?

No secret here. Russell is a complete professional and sets up ritual patterns. He creates tipping points of action to help him stay on track with his foods and hydration patterns. He’s the real deal, athlete and gentleman. I just give him his food plan, he makes it happen.

Why do you think G-Plans works so well?

G-Plans has 35 years of science behind it. As well as a successful brick and mortar nutrition clinic (PFC Nutrition) that has catered to every possible population with huge sustainable success. We’ve tested, adjusted, and created sustainable food protocols based on three unique metabolic structures proven in practice and founded in science. It's not trendy, but the program holds you accountable and provides you with usable and teachable consequences that provides positive and sustainable results. On the back end, our programmers work daily, to improve the user experience.