Meet The Allergan Diamond Injector And Founder Of Contempo Aesthetics

Dr. Rachel Reyes-Bergano is one of the country's top aesthetic injectors and an Allergan Diamond level injector. With a special interest in skincare and facial aesthetics, she pursued extensive education and training in dermal fillers, laser procedures and neuromodulators. Now, Dr. Reyes-Bergano serves as a physician and medical director of Contempo Aesthetics, a practice she also founded. Here, we caught up with the renowned board-certified doctor who dishes on what sets her practice apart and the biggest misconception about the industry.
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My Greatest Achievement...

Professionally it would be starting my own successful Medical Aesthetics practice straight out of residency. It's been a dream of mine since high school to have my love of beauty and my passion for health and medicine come together. On a personal level, my greatest achievement is my daughter Dominique who is about to turn one! She has given me a renewed sense of inspiration and drive in all aspects of life including how I approach my business. I really try to find that work-life balance now to be able to spend time with her.

The Future of My Field Is...

Definitely in the growth of the nonsurgical component that Aesthetics has to offer. In the last 10 years, there has been such a trend towards the less invasive procedures that offer quick results with a longer duration.

The Biggest Misconception About My Field Is...

That you will look fake. Many of my patients new to Aesthetics are so afraid of looking "overdone." A lot of our clientele found us by word of mouth. They see their girlfriend that still looks natural yet refreshed and seek us out to achieve a similar enhancement.

My Most Requested Procedures Are...

All injectable treatments from smoothening out wrinkles, plumping, contouring and fat burning.

What Are You Best Known For?

Under eye rejuvenation, lip augmentation, and cheek contouring.

What Is Your Most Memorable Patient Reaction?

I love what can be accomplished non-surgically with fillers, particularly for contouring of the nasal bridge and tip. When I hand patients the mirror and see how emotional they become over the change, it truly is gratifying.

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What Sets My Practice Apart Is...

My approach is conservative and really aimed at not only helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals, but I really make it my mission to establish a long-term relationship with patients. I also try to really train and groom my team to have that same rapport with patients and I think it really resonates with patients. My husband, John, who comes from a hospitality background, is our Director of Operations and has also been a huge component of the business's success. He brings fresh & new marketing ideas to the table which helps keep our business innovative.

What I Love Most About My Profession Is...

Creating the aesthetic results is half the reward, the other component of why I love my job is the interactions with my patients. Some of them have become like family because they've been coming to me when the practice was small and now have been on the journey to see our success! It's truly a field of medicine that is so unique, it brings together medicine, innovation, PR, and the entrepreneurial spirit!

Career Defining Procedure?

It would definitely have to be Kybella! When Kybella became FDA approved in 2015 (the same year I started my own practice), I was an early adopter of the treatment. If you're excited about something new, your patients will be excited! I had many millennial patients coming to my practice to try Kybella. You can say it was our "gateway" drug into achieving success in our market in Pasadena, CA. We even had patients flying in from Europe & Asia to receive treatments!

What New Services Are You Excited To Offer?

We will be offering the Fibroblast Skin Tightening treatments which will be great to treat the upper eyelid for firmer, tighter skin. As I mentioned, many of our patients are from the millennial generation and aren't necessarily ready to go a surgical route so being able to offer them a treatment with visible results in a few weeks will help fill a niche in our practice. 

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