The 5 Essentials of Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen

Almost every day in my dermatology center, Precision Skin Instituted in Davie, FL,  the most common question I get from my patients is what is the ideal skin care regimen to improve health and beauty of their skin? Often the following question is what products do I use. Although there is no singular formula that fits each patient, because each skin is unique and each skin care product is precisely customized to their skin during our skin care consultation, there are five critical ingredients that every youth-seeking individual would benefit from. I also practice what I preach and use these products daily to have ideally fit and attractive skin.


1. Antioxidant – Antioxidants are powerful agents that counteract the daily assault of environmental damage. These culprits can include sunlight, infrared and blue light, pollution and other toxic exhausts, smoking, and etc. Antioxidants include vitamins such as C, E, resveratrol, niacinamide, ferrulic acid, and etc. A double benefit for most antioxidants is the brightening effect, generating amazing skin glow.  My favorite – Tensage Antioxidant Defense Serum by Biopelle.

2. Sunscreen – The other key ingredient that protects our skin daily from constant attack of ultraviolet radiation is sunscreen. You can apply it on top of your antioxidant serum. UV and Infrared radiation are recognized are the most negative impacts on our skin creating havoc such as sunburn, skin cancer, sun sensitivity and premature skin aging (determination of 3Ts – tone, texture, and tightness). So to keep your skin as youthful and healthy as long as possible, be generous with your sunscreen application daily and reapply hourly if outdoors. A skin pearl – most sunscreens are now incorporated in our make-up, daily moisturizers, and BB creams, but read the labels, sunscreen needs to be at least SPF30+ and broad-spectrum coverage to be effective.  My favorite – EltaMD Elements.

3. Cleanser – it is important to remove the grime (makeup, sweat, excess oils) from skin on a daily basis. This will allow the skin pores and breath and appropriately galvanize the vital process or restoration that happens overnight. Depending on your skin type, there is a spectrum of different face wash formulations on the market. My favorite – Avene Clean Ac Soothing Cleanser after Neutrogena Sensitive make-up remover wipes.  

4. Retinoid – Retinoids are vitamin A-derived molecules that are best applied nightly for create ideal repairing and correcting mechanisms in the skin: stimulating proper skin surface cell-turnover, and generating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. These agents have to be used wisely, gradual escalation of usage and potency is highly recommended to minimize side effects such as dryness, irritation and photosensitivity. When used appropriately, retinoids can truly revolutionize the appearance of your skin…smoother, softer, less wrinkly, and more radiant.  My favorite and ideal for all skin types – Skin Better AlphaRet.

5. Moisturizer – the most beneficial time to replenish skin thirst is at night time and should be applied on top of your retinoid. Moisturizing ingredients such as lipids, ceremides, and hyaluronic acid hydrate and rebuild an important skin barrier that protects us against germs and irritation. This gives our skin more dewy and silky appearance.  Another benefit is that most of the current moisturizers are also multitaskers, including ingredients such as peptides, growth factors, and etc, that diminish fine lines, plump the skin and provide it with a healthy radiance. My favorite – Alastin Restorative Skin Complex.

Your skin deserves these essential 5 for exceptional care! – Dr. Blyumin-Karasik