The Top 5 Organic Skincare Lines Your Beauty Cabinet Needs

Green juice, gluten-free foods, and glowing skin. As many of us of becoming more mindful of what we are putting in our bodies, we are also becoming more cautious of what we are putting on our bodies as well. While daily skincare regimens are essential in maintaining skin health, it’s also important to be aware of the ingredients being used in our favorite products. Organic skincare is redefining the beauty industry one serum at a time without using harsh toxic chemicals. Haute Beauty rounded up the top five organic skincare lines to help treat our skin in the healthiest of ways.



Herbivore Botanicals
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Founded by Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow in 2011, this organic skincare line consistently proves that it’s more than just an eye-catching picture on Instagram – it’s a beauty cabinet necessity. Herbivore ethically sources natural ingredients to formulate its products to supply the needed vitamins, minerals, and botanicals our skin is missing. Whether it’s pink clay or rose quartz gemstones, Herbivore creates effective formulas to emphasize organic and high-quality skincare.


Tata Harper

Tata Harper
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Pioneering organic skincare, Tata Harper created a line of products for women who refuse to risk their health for beauty. With ingredients 100% free of toxins, fillers, and synthetic chemicals, this skincare line offers treatments targeting aging skin, blemishes, discoloration, and more. Formulating and manufacturing its products in Vermont on a farm, Tata Harper makes sure all of its ingredients are quality sourced. By packaging the majority of the products in glass bottles, etched with a batch number onto it, this line makes a conscious effort to encourage its users to recycle bottles in hopes to reduce the rise in waste management.


True Botanicals

True Botanicals
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True Botanicals is a bottled testament that non-toxic skincare actually works. This skincare line understands the importance of treating skin concerns at the cellular level which is why they have worked with researchers at top universities including Cornell and Carnegie Mellon, to identify the most nourishing ingredients for skincare. By conducting clinical studies, True Botanicals products were found to be compared to notable brands in delivering desired results without the harsh chemicals needed.



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Powered by Hungary’s mineral-rich healing waters, and a patented Healing Concentrate™ delivery system, Omorovicza has created a line of skincare products produced by natural ingredients from across the globe. Using natural alternatives, this brand focuses on the beneficial effects of thermal waters and how the absorption of these minerals positively effects the skin. Omorovicza is proof that luxury skincare can be organic.



Mahalo Skincare
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Crafted in a private studio in Hawaii, MAHALO makes sure to incorporate love, dedication, and passion into its ingredients. The botanical-based skincare line offers high-performance treatments and innovative formulas to achieve youthful and glowing skin. MAHALO extracts its oils through the cold pressed method delivering the purest, organic, and raw botanical ingredients. Using ancient Eastern and Western knowledge merged with modern scientific advancements has created a luxurious self-care approach to our everyday beauty rituals.