Dr. Bhanusali’s Fast Beauty Co. Collaboration with Amazon

From eliminating the hassle of going stepping into an actual store to giving us access to just about anything and everything we could possibly need or want, Amazon has become an essential part of modern-day life. Skincare is no exception, and New York City and Miami-based dermatologist Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali shares the details about his collaboration with Fast Beauty Co., Amazon’s first exclusive skincare brand from its accelerator program.

We all know time is valuable, and not everyone’s schedule allows for a lengthy skincare regimen morning and night. Even more, Dr. Bhanusali sees patients from all walks of life, so he also understands that budget plays a major role as well. When sisters Simona and Diana Kubasova asked him for help creating an affordable, science-backed line that focused on enhanced penetration and quick delivery in collaboration with the biggest brand in the world, Dr. Bhanusali couldn’t refuse. The initial offerings from Fast Beauty Co. include sheet masks, targeted patches and cleansing wipes that deliver the results you want in five minutes or less—and everything costs less than $20.

Dr. Bhanusali is no stranger to playing scientist behind the scenes. He’s helped formulate countless lines and serves as an expert for the world’s top skincare and pharmaceutical companies, always making sure that science remains the main focus. “When we were developing the line, we wanted to focus on natural ingredients, higher concentrations and how quickly we could get them to penetrate. With Amazon as a partner and the potential to reach millions a possibility, it made it all the more important to keep the ingredients simple yet effective. It’s not just what ingredients you use but also how much and how they can synergistically work with other parts of the formula,” he explains.

Best of the all, the line’s options for dryness, antioxidant protection, oily and acne-prone skin as well as cleansing allow Fast Beauty Co.’s products to be mixed and matched to create a totally customized yet speedy routine. And with targeted treatments for entire face, eye area, neck, lips and décolletage, the possibilities are endless. Here, a few of our favorites…

Eye Candy

Eye Candy Argan & Hibiscus Smoothing Biocellulose Eye Patches
With gently exfoliating hibiscus-derived alpha-hydroxy acids and nourishing argan oil to smooth the look and feel of skin around the eyes, these patches smooth things (such as crow’s feet) over in a flash.

Clarity Face

Clarity Face Detoxifying Charcoal & Rosemary Detoxifying Gold Floral Sheet Mask
Give your face a clarifying, balancing, skin-softening treat with this quick, easy sheet mask. Formulated with volcanic charcoal to purify pores and salicylic acid to keep acne breakouts at bay, you can set the stage for clear, radiant skin in no time flat.

Go Gorgeous

Go Gorgeous Micellar Facial Cleansing Wipes
The perfect way to end the day, these super-gentle yet effective cleansing cloths whisk away dirt and makeup while refreshing and hydrating the skin. Ideal for at home or on the go, it’s never been easier to get fresh, clean skin. Dr. Bhanusali explains, “Micellar-based products, in general, are becoming more and more recommended due to the gentleness with which they remove oil, debris, and makeup.”

Kiss Me

Kiss Me Hyaluronic & Collagen Gold Honeycomb Lip Mask
For naturally plump, kissable lips without the need for injections, these fast-acting Insta-worthy lip masks smooth fine lines and wrinkles, boost elasticity and firmness, and enhance lip volume with plant-based collagen and moisture-attracting hyaluronic acid.

Explore the full Fast Beauty Co. range of speedy and effective skincare options here!