5 Common Breast Augmentation Questions Answered By Medical Expert

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures throughout the years is breast augmentation. Here, Dr. Gil Altman, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in New Jersey, answers the most commonly asked questions regarding breast augmentations.
breast augmentation

What amount of scarring should a client expect with breast augmentation?

The scarring should be minimal after a breast augmentation regardless of the approach. A plastic surgeon should be careful and meticulous with their closures.

What types of incisions are common for a breast augmentation procedure?

There are 4 approaches for breast augmentation.  1. Around the areola, 2. Through the armpit, 3. From under the breast, and 4 Through the belly button, which is the least common and can only be done with saline implants. 

What are the main risks associated with breast augmentations?

As with any surgery the main risks are bleeding, infection, and risks associated with anesthesia. Specifically for the procedure, the main risk is capsular contracture or scar tissue around the implant. This happens in up to 8-12% over a lifetime. 

What are some of the options for breast implants?

The two main options are saline or silicone. Within the silicone realm, there are various different types of implants varying in shape and outer shell. 

Can a fat transfer breast augmentation lift breast?

Transferring fat to the breast can have a lifting effect so long as the ptosis is not great.