Dr. Chen Shares The One Treatment Guaranteed To Promote Hair Growth


PRP Injections

Hair loss is a growing concern for both men and women. While there are many over the counter treatments available for temporary relief, there is one particular procedure which guarantees the promotion of new hair growth. Dr. Chen, board-certified dermatologist, sat down with Haute Beauty to discuss PRP injections and how it helps combat hair loss.

How do PRP injections work for hair loss?

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, injections is a safe, effective treatment to stimulate inactive hair follicles, improve hair density and regulate the hair growth cycle. Through a series of PRP injections, those patients with hair thinning and hair loss will be able to see a boost in their hair growth.

What is the process?

PRP is prepared by drawing the patient's own blood, and separating the blood cells from the platelets in a centrifuge. This "liquid gold" contains platelets, which are the source of nutrients such as growth factors. The PRP is prepared for injections and then injected directly to the areas of hair loss and is quick and virtually painless.

Who qualifies for this treatment?

Those with patterned- hair loss (such as male-pattern, female-pattern hair loss) will see the greatest benefit from this procedure, as well people with lots of hair shedding. Those with bleeding disorders or on blood thinners are not good candidates for this procedure. Mild discomfort from the procedure can be alleviated with mild pain medicine and you can resume normal daily activity after the injections (no downtime).

How long until patients can see results?

Patient will start to see results after the second or third month. It is recommended to have 4 treatments, approximately one month apart to maximally stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth.

Are there are any follow up procedures?

It is recommended to have "booster treatments" twice a year to maintain hair growth and density.